How to organise your kitchen for a better cooking space

Kitchens can quickly get cluttered and untidy. The kitchen space can be used to do homework, hang out with the family, cook meals, and entertain guests. It’s no surprise that the kitchen is often the messiest place in the house. Clutter can increase your stress levels and make it more challenging to cook in the room. An organised kitchen can help you feel on top of the housework – even when everything else isn’t going to plan.

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Here are a few ways to make your kitchen a better cooking space.

Tidy the sides

When you are cooking, you need enough space to prepare and chop everything. Attempting to chop the carrots on top of your child’s homework never ends well. Clear the countertops before you begin cooking and avoid splashing food over your work documents. Find a disinfectant spray that smells nice and use a fresh cloth to wipe down the surfaces. The little things can make all the difference when it comes to cleaning. If your splashback is looking a little worse for  wear, then now could be the time to look into new splashbacks for kitchens so you can keep everything looking as tidy as possible. 


Storage is the key to keeping your kitchen tidy in the long run. Identify the issues in your kitchen’s current organisational system – for example, you may have too many mugs for the cupboard or mismatched cutlery. Find solutions to these problems by doing some research and installing some storage solutions, like a cutlery divider or lazy Susan. You need a storage system that works for the whole family and adheres to your lifestyle. Avoid anything overly complicated or ambitious – keep it simple and use smart storage to help you.


Pots and pans are impossible to store – especially the big ones. Instead of having random pans, invest in a non-stick pan set from Circulon to care for all your cooking needs. Declutter any rogue pans lying about and donate them to a charity shop so someone else can use them.

You could also streamline your utensil drawer. We are all guilty of collecting lots of weird and wonderful utensils, like an egg slicer or manual whisk that we never use. Keep the ones you often use and put the others in the donate bag.


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You need a clear path between the stove, fridge, and sink. These are the most used appliances in any kitchen, and a clear path between them will make your cooking much more efficient.

You should also organise the food in your kitchen – especially the store cupboard items. Decant any dried food into glass jars, such as pasta, rice, lentils, and other whole grains. Organise your spices and only keep the ones you use or like. Buy a few storage containers to store everything in organised sections, such as spices, tins and baking goods.

A good organisational system can save you a lot of cleaning and stress in the future.

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