Moving House? Here’s How to Stress Less

Some life events are going to be stressful, and no matter how worthwhile they will be, you will feel somewhat overwhelmed by what you are trying to do.  

One life event that can definitely cause you a headache is moving house; however, you can make things easier in various ways. Want to know more? Here are some of the best ways to make moving house as stress-free as possible. 

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Don’t rush 

We know that there are timescales attributed to moving house, and we know that these can be out of your control, but if you can, make sure that you are not rushing. Being rushed and having a small amount of time to plan, prepare for and then actually move house is a sure-fire way to make you feel as stressed out as possible.  

As much as you can take control of your timescales, make sure that you do. This will help you to make the most of your move and not feel too pressured.  

Use a removal company 

If you have a slightly bigger budget available to you, you may want to consider booking removalists to help you move. Of course, there is a cost involved in this, but you can shop around to find one that won’t cost you too much. The best thing is when you use a removalist, much of the hard work is done for you, which means that you can focus on other aspects of your big move.  

Keep the important things safe 

There is no greater worry during a move than finding that you have lost all the most important things you own or need to keep. So, rather than have this additional stress, you should see a way to keep those important things safe. You may want to have a set box/bag with some of your most valuable stuff in there and keep this with you at all times. Perhaps even carrying it in your car or on your person.  

Ask for help 

It is all too easy to say “no thanks” to offers of help when it comes to moving house, but if you want to reduce your stress, then sometimes it may be worthwhile saying “yes” instead. Any help is welcome, and it might just be someone watching the kids or the pets rather than being involved in the actual move itself. It is worthwhile accepting every little bit of help that you can get.  

Have a survival kit for the day 

Some things will be essential for you during your move and for the first night when you are in your new home. This could be tea bags, sugar, snacks, treats and chargers for devices. Whatever you deem to be needed for your survival, you should make sure that you have that as a part of your survival kit for the big day. Trust us; you will be grateful you put these things together.  

Whilst you cannot make the big move totally stress-free, you can do plenty to make it as low stress as you can. Think about what will make moving easier for you, and then put those plans in place; you will be glad that you made an effort when you are safely in your new home, and it is all over.  

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