How to plan a commercial painting project?

Repainting a commercial space can have a significant impact on your business. Having found the right painting and decorating company, you must be aware that there is still a lot that needs to be done. How to plan a commercial painting project? Where to start? Here are some crucial tips that will help you organize your project better.

Determine your budget

Planning a commercial painting project requires careful consideration. Before you undertake any steps and hire a professional painting and decorating company, you should decide what budget you can spend on this project. It is better to have a little excess than to restrict painting projects due to not having enough money.

If you have no clue about how much the project is going to cost, arrange a meeting with a painting team. Professionals can smoothly assess necessary costs of materials and labour, providing you with a detailed painting plan. Therefore, it is crucial to decide, which areas you want to be painted.

Set the tone of your business space

It is quite important to determine what colours and finishes will be used in your project and discuss decisions with the painting and decorating company. You should know that repainting the walls from dark to a lighter shade may require additional costs, generated by using primer or two or three coats of paint. While planning the palette, consider the colours of furniture and existing decor. Try to choose a paint that will complement the arrangement, which will definitely help to create the atmosphere you desire in your work.

Stick to the timeline

Each painting project requires some time, but it is up to you to decide how long it is going to take. Setting a date with painting specialists will help you to stay on track, so you can organize your work and inform employees about significant changes. How long the project is going to take? It all depends on the size of the space, paints quality, complexity of the project and the capabilities of the painting and decorating company.

Prepare the interior

It is essential to clean the areas as much as possible. Most importantly, remove artworks and paintings from the walls and make sure there are not any blemishes on the surface that would require additional fees. Repair the cracks in advance and make a space for painting professionals to work. Move any furniture away from walls to the centre of the room and cover it with some fabric to secure. Remove dust and dirt from the walls, vacuum and mop the floors.

Plan to work in another space

Painting project can take up to a few days, and you may be forced to find some other space for you and your employees to work in. Take this into consideration before hiring painters and arrange another space in the building, so you can avoid any business delays. If it sounds impossible, and you find it difficult to arrange a working area, let your employees work from home for a couple of days. It is a good solution for painting and decorating company, whose workers can complete the project without any disturbance.

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