festival checklist

How To Prepare for a Music Festival

Festival season is almost upon us. Perhaps you are new to the music festival scene and are wondering what essentials you should take? Here are some pointers to help you prepare for this unique experience!

festival checklist

Travel Light

The advice from the big one, Glastonbury, is to only take what you can carry. It’s a fair point as at a large event, you may have a long walk from your car or coach. A backpack is a good idea and how about arriving with hessian bags from Weirbags? These great, eco friendly bags are perfect for storing food and alcohol, carrying goods whilst camping, and of course they are also reusable and biodegradable.

Don’t forget your entry ticket, too!

Tent & Sleeping Bag

If the festival runs for a couple of days or so, you’re going to need a tent and equipment. Don’t bring extra things like gazebos that take up too much space. A small tent and sleeping bag should suffice and a ground sheet or a camping mat to lie your sleeping bag on. You could also bring an inflatable pillow and lots of people recommend bringing along a fold-up camping chair.

Prepare for All Seasons

The chance of rain is usually very high at summer festivals and as the venues are usually muddy fields, you’ll probably be living in your wellies! Don’t forget them, or a pair of sturdy boots, and a few changes of socks. But also remember to pack suncream, sunglasses and a hat. You’ll need to rehydrate and can usually fill up a water bottle on site, so take a reusable drinking bottle with you.

It will get cool at some point in the evening, so you’ll be glad you packed a nice warm jumper and for that inevitable rain, a handy plastic poncho does the trick and takes up no room in your backpack.

Toiletries & Meds Etc.

Keep things to a minimum – some festivals won’t want you to even bring a glass mirror, so be prepared to not look your best for the duration! Dry shampoo can help! Toilet roll, biodegradable wet wipes, towel, toothbrush and paste, deoderant, ear plugs, hand sanitiser, plasters and Paracetamol – or whatever you normally take for a hangover! If you need regular medicine, don’t forget that too and being sensible, contraception. Contact lenses, solution and glasses in a case if you need them. Glitter make up is optional but very popular!

Money & Tech

You’ll want your phone with you, maybe get a case for it where you can include your cards and cash. A bumbag or belt with pockets is a good idea to keep these items safe. Again, don’t forget your ticket and you may need ID, too. There won’t be plugs readily available so make sure you have a solar powered phone charger. A torch is another item you’ll be glad you remembered so make sure to pack one.
music festival essentials
If you’re prepared, safe and sensible you’ll have a cracking time. (And I’ll say it again – don’t forget your ticket!) Are there any other festival essentials you would always take with you? For more packing info you could check out this page from Glastonbury.
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