Indoor Outdoor Rug Review: Inka in Brick from furn

When it is time to spruce up the patio or garden deck you could get busy with some masonry or deck paint. But if you’d rather save yourself from the work, my solution is to add a fantastic indoor/outdoor rug instead! These hardwearing and stylish rugs are an affordable to way to add a pop of colour, style and design to a boring floor.

I was recently sent the Inka 120x170cm Outdoor/Indoor Rug in Brick courtesy of furn.

With an appealing design featuring a geometric global pattern with a tufted effect, it is effortlessly stylish and on trend.

Digitally printed on a polyester flatweave base, the rug is lightweight and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Being weatherproof and UV resistant gets extra points from me.

What I really love about it is the fact it is soft and comfortable to sit on. A lot of outdoor rugs have more of a plastic feel – like drinking straws sewn together! But this one has you fooled – you’re thinking is it really ok for outdoor use? Well yes, in fact despite its cotton like feel, it’s a hard-wearing polyester flatweave.

However, it is advisable to look after it if you want it to stay looking this good for the long term.

furn recommends that you hang it up to dry after periods of heavy rain and store inside during the colder months, so it will stay looking fresh for the spring and summer.

If you love the boho, nomadic Berber style you will adore this rug with its striking geometric diamond pattern and tufted effect. It has bags of rustic appeal.

The colours are beautiful – soft white/beige background with pops of terracotta and gold.

It’s the ideal rug to dress up any outdoor patio, balcony, deck or terrace.

In fact there’s a whole range of Inka products at to complement the Inka rug including cushions, bedding and more – why not check them out and for more inspiration, head to my outdoor rug round-up.

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