Why You Need An Outdoor Rug For Your Garden!

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You may think it sounds a bit crazy to put a rug outside, especially in the UK when the weather is so mixed. But that’s where so called indoor/outdoor rugs come in! Any tired old patio, deck or lawn can instantly benefit from the addition of a fun, synthetic rug designed for indoor and outdoor use.

If you haven’t come across them before, read on for the low down on these stylish and hard working home accents – I’ve also rounded up some of my current favourites and where you can buy them.

What is an indoor/outdoor rug?

Exactly as the name suggests, an indoor/outdoor rug can be used inside the home or out in the garden. These flatweave rugs look just like regular rugs, until you get up close to them and realise they are specifically designed to endure changeable weather.

Furn Outdoor Rug

I actually have the above rug so you can see my review of it here: furn Outdoor/Indoor Inka Rug Review.

The majority of rugs are made from tightly woven polypropylene, meaning they are hardwearing and water resistant. Some will be a mix of polypropylene and polyester and these should be brought in at night. Whilst some rugs state they are non-slip or UV resistant, others may not guarantee this. Make sure you check the small print when browsing and ordering.

The most hardy options can be cleaned with a hose and as they are lightweight and not porous they dry out quickly, too. Plus there is an ever increasing choice when it comes to colour, shape, pattern and size. There is a rug for everyone!

What are the advantages of having an outdoor rug?

An outdoor rug is a perfect accessory for the garden or patio for a number of reasons. If you want to make the most of your outdoor space, a rug is a great way to help create the sense of an outdoor living room. As the UK gradually leans into summer, we will focus on our outdoor spaces much more, so why not use one of these rugs to help define and dress up your seating area. Their colours, patterns and vibrancy will make your garden stand out – especially useful if you have a drab patio or patchy lawn you’d quite like to cover up!

You can place your rug on a deck, a balcony, underneath a picnic table, or use it inside a gazebo or tipi tent. In a larger garden you can punctuate certain areas with different rugs to create ‘zones’ and if you add some lanterns and solar lights along with your planters, these stylish and affordable rugs can totally enhance and liven up any area.

Bold Rugs

There is something eternally chic about a monochrome rug and as stripes are big news at the moment, this Santa Monica rug from Dunelm is ideal to add a touch of class to your garden.

Another bold option is this gorgeous green checkerboard rug from furn and it is fantastic value at just £18. Checkerboard designs are popping up in rugs and textiles at the moment so you could easily hop on this trend by purchasing this rug for your outdoor living space.


If you want to give your garden a tropical twist, look no further than this fabulous palm print rug available to order today from the Tidylife Amazon storefront, along with a selection of other trendy indoor/outdoor rugs and runners.

Boho Rugs

There’s an enduring love for all things Boho, especially in the summer months for that relaxed beachy vibe, so opting for a gorgeous Mandala style rug is one you can’t go wrong with.

Boho mandala rug

Colour vs Monochrome Rugs

The beauty of these rugs is not only that they are generally pretty affordable, they can bring a different mood to your space – they are great accessory to create a zone whether that’s for relaxing on an outdoor sofa or dining at an outdoor tableset. The variety of colours and designs means your choices are almost limitless! Here we have a splash of colour  with the Dark Terra Flatweave Outdoor Rug or a monochrome option with this Charcoal Geometric Outdoor Rug.

Indoor outdoor rug Habitat

Monochrome outdoor rug

Traditional Rugs

The Eyden Aged-Effect Indoor/Outdoor Rug in grey and black is quite deceptive – at first glance it looks more like an indoor rug, but it’s 100% polypropelene and suitable for outdoor use.

Tile Trend Rugs

Also from La Redoute is this great Iswik flat-weave rug with cement tile motif; featuring a very popular tile design of the moment. It’s in the sale, too!

Do you have a favourite rug design here?

If you need more garden decor inspiration, don’t forget to head to the Tidylife Amazon page to browse a wide selection of festoon lights, seating, patio heaters and much more. You can also follow these 7 Steps to get your garden ready for outdoor picnics and BBQs this spring.

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