Inspiration for a Luxe Style Bathroom


If you’d like to bring some luxury to your home by creating a boutique style bathroom, there are lots of ways to add a wow factor and the ‘luxe touch’ to give it the feel of a top spa or 5 star hotel.

Taking a bath or shower in a luxurious setting helps to transport us from the ‘ordinary everyday’ and make us feel truly pampered.  From small changes through to complete upgrades, let’s take a look at some stylish ideas that can transform our bathrooms…

Chic furniture

These days many people are opting to add chic and stylish furniture to their bathrooms, rather than just having a basic sink, bath and toilet.  You can find glamorous gloss-fronted cabinets or exquisite wooden styles that give your bathroom a high-end look.  A streamlined vanity unit can be incorporated even into a small bathroom and elevate the entire look of the space, whilst also keeping your products and cosmetics hidden from view so everything looks sleek and clutter free.

Quality bathroom suites

There’s no doubt that a stunning, freestanding or elegantly shaped bath tub, like those available from Carron baths (above) can help achieve you achieve a top end luxe style bathroom.  With gleaming, smooth surfaces and curved lines they make a fabulous statement and would be the envy of friends and family.  But even features like a quality tap will add a touch of extra style to your bathroom, especially if you look for something like an open spout design that allows the water to flow elegantly, just like a waterfall.

Distinctive Tiles

The tiles you choose can totally transform a plain bathroom into a dreamy space.  Increasingly popular are shimmering metallic tiles which add glamour effortlessly.  The key is subtlety rather than ‘bling’, so shop around for the most stylish options, such as mixed quartz mosaics or burnished golds for a first class finish.

Small details

Little things can make all the difference in enhancing your bathroom and will give it a definite edge of luxury.  Snowy white towels and robes, for example, or guest-size luxury bathroom products in stylish baskets lend an exclusive feel to your bathroom.  (If your towels have lost their fluffiness, it is usually down to a build up of soap and fabric conditioner, there is a trick to restore them using vinegar and baking soda!)

Inviting Atmosphere

Create a sensual delight in your bathroom and you won’t want to leave it!  Beautifully fragranced soaps and aromatherapy candles are the ideal products to relax and de-stress and create an enticing ambience.  Also ensure the temperature is always comfortable; no one enjoys bathing in a cold bathroom or one that is plagued by dampness and condensation, so consider installing a heated towel rail for that extra little luxury of warm towels when you step out of the shower.

In addition to this post, I have also been busy pinning luxury bathroom ideas to my new Luxe Bathroom Ideas Pinterest board  – why not check it out (below) and use it to inspire you to transform an ordinary bathroom into a luxed-up version.

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