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A home is not a home without furniture. When you choose your house decor, it should reflect who you are as a person. Your living room is amongst the most used rooms in your home. From a cosy movie night in front of the tv to parties and dinners with friends and family, the living room is the heart of the house. Decorating your living room can be a challenge but fun at the same time. Here you can read about the tools to create a really cosy and inspiring living room that everyone can enjoy.

Combine different styles and trends

Despite what design you want to decorate with, you should consider the whole picture. Sticking to one style is not wrong. However, you should not be afraid to mix and match different styles and materials. The goal is to create a room that mirrors your personality and your needs. It should be a lovely feeling to come home after a long day at work and enjoy a living room you adore. There are a few pieces of furniture you should pay extra attention to, like the couch, ceiling lamp and textiles.

If you buy all your living room furniture and decor from the same store or brand, you risk that the decor becomes dull and plain. Have courage and mix old, new, and even handmade. Right now, the trend is to mix old with a feel of retro and to prioritise sustainability. There are several websites to take inspiration from,with a wide selection of living room furniture to choose from. VidaXL’s selection of furniture includes various different styles.

Choose a statement piece

If you want to give your living room some character, get an eye-catching piece of decor. The couch is a very important piece of furniture that you might not want to use as a statement piece. Instead, you could invest in a unique carpet, painting or lamp. The statement piece could, for example, have a unique colouror material or an unusual structure. Be careful not to mix too many different materials and structures, which could lead to the room looking messy.

Tie style and textiles together

Curtains, pillows, blankets and carpets should all have a common theme, so everything ties together. Textiles give wonderful colour contrasts and a balance between different materials and textures. Textiles provide warmth to your living room and create an extra sense of comfort. One piece of advice is to let different colours in decorative objects and furniture in the living room blend into curtains and cushions. Textiles can give a drastic makeover to the living room and are a relatively cheap way to create change.

Decorate your living room by mixing bigger and smaller furniture pieces. You can, for example, mix different structures like an unusually shaped coffee table with rounded armchairs and a square couch. Keep in mind that everything should blend together in colour scheme and structure and that your furniture has a clear common theme.

Details and contrast give life

Even with a natural colour theme in the living room, you can create dynamics and interest with contrast. Combine light details with dark ones and the other way around. Place a glossy surface against a matte one. Think about combining different materials like metal or wood in frames, decorative ornaments or lamps.

You do not need to crowd the walls with paintings and artwork, but if they are completely bare, it can result in an empty look. There are many tips on how you can enhance the interior in your living room to make it cosier:

  • Hang up a carpet on the wall or frame a collage of textiles
  • Make a personal chalkboard wall
  • Hang a big painting with a pop of colour
  • Make the room feel bigger with large mirrors, ideally with the combination of good natural lighting

Take all of these mentioned tips into consideration when starting to decorate or renovate your living room. With the right decorative choices, you can truly transform your living space into something magical.

Decor for the rest of your house

We have gone through the most important aspects when decorating the living room- But at vidaXL, you can discover furniture for every room in your house. You can browse everything you need for the bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and much more. At vidaXL, you can find furniture that fits together with your interior design as well as your budget. One of the perks of shopping at vidaXL is that it does not matter how big of an order you make. The delivery is always free. This means you do not have to worry about hiring a moving van since everything is delivered to your doorstep.

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