Should I Buy a Branded Lampshade or a Bespoke Piece?

Lamps are a popular way to add a relaxed ambience to a room. You can add some light for illumination but without making it too bright and uncomfortable. In particular, this is something that you have to think about when you are designing your living room and bedroom. It is best to add lamps and side lights rather than ceiling lights that are overwhelming. 

But, let’s not forget that you can also style a room with lighting. It can be fun or challenging choosing lampshades and generally you have two options. You can either go for a branded lampshade or alternatively, you could seek out a bespoke piece made for you by a company which specialises in delivering high quality items. Both are good options but offer different benefits. So, let’s take a closer look at them. Click on the link to see silk lamp shades. 

Branded Lampshade 

First of all, you can choose from a variety of branded lampshades. Indeed, there are a lot of styles around, so it depends on whether you prefer a vibrant colour for a contemporary style or a pattern for a classic look. What’s more, you can select from a variety of quality materials too. The good thing about purchasing a branded lampshade is that it is already made and ready to go. You can walk into a store and buy one on the same day or only have to wait a few days if you are ordering online. 

In addition, when you choose a respected and popular brand to buy your lampshade from, you know that it is going to be of good quality. You can enjoy peace of mind and be reassured that the shade you select will last for many years and look stylish. For example, Penny Morrison is known for using quality silk fabrics from India and creating a variety of eye-catching patterns. Since there are plenty to choose from, you know that there is something for everyone. 

Bespoke Lampshade 

The next option you have is to have a bespoke lampshade made for you. This is a great idea if you already have a design in mind, so you may want to go down this road. Sometimes, it is not possible to find a style that you like or can imagine in your home. You might be particular about the pattern you want or the colours to include so that it complements the décor you already have. So, if you cannot find a design you want, you can always have a bespoke lampshade made by a brand. This allows you to bring your ideas to life in the way you want to, and not be one of the crowd but rather a trend setter. 

The one thing you do have to remember with bespoke lampshades are that they might not turn out exactly the way you want them to. A reputable company is going to show you the design and allow you to approve the shade through images before it is made. But, there is always a slight risk that it does not come out the way you want it to.

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