Interior Trends 2022: Rustic Luxury

‘Rustic Luxury’ is not a new concept, however it’s an interior style that seems to be really taking hold in 2022.

I think of it as a blend of country/barn/farmhouse style but elevated to a more sophisticated level – rustic but in a luxury setting or featuring touches of luxury. This creates a homely style, but pared back, so the feeling is one of relaxation and comfort – it’s definitely easy to get along with!

I’ve partnered with Juliettes Interiors to take a closer look at this home style and how we might achieve it:

Natural materials

Juliettes Interiors talked about the use of natural materials in their recent blog about interior design trends. With white marble and stone trending, they love to use natural materials as accents to add some decadence and elegance to interiors in 2022. Incorporating wood, stone, cotton and linen is key. If you already have real wooden floors or ceiling beams, you are onto a winner! But these original features are not essential to still encapsulate the style. An engineered wooden floor with a rich tone or aged effect, or some exposed brick (you can even add brick slips to an existing wall) can bring in those important rustic elements. I also love the texture that concrete, raw wood and textiles such as boucle bring to the space.

Luxury accents

Pairing these natural elements with touches of luxury creates a beautiful sense of harmony and balance. Rather than lots of bold statements, subtle luxury elements add sophistication to our rooms. Materials like marble are perfect for this interior style, so why not introduce a beautiful marble coffee table into your living room. The hammered metal legs echo the rustic feel we want to achieve, but with a high end look.

This practical and stylish piece would pair beautifully with a pale luxury sofa – for my inspiration mood board, I’ve chosen the stunning, Italian made Modern Curved Sofa from Julettes Interiors as I love the natural lightness it brings and the generously padded upholstery with all that wonderful texture which invites you to touch it.

Alternatively, a statement velvet sofa would also provide that cosy yet luxe, high end feel. Simply throw on a cashmere or chenille blanket and some sumptuous cushions to dress your sofa to perfection.

Neutral colour palette

Rattan storage box H&M; Grand Marble mural I Love Wallpaper; Boucle cushion cover DUSK; Modern Curved Sofa Juliettes Interiors; Kamran Royal Rug Ruggable; Chenille blanket Zara Home

Neutrals are a must have of the moment and the colour palette works in harmony with this particular home style, which tends to favour more muted, matte colours but with occasional pops of black or charcoal. To prevent a neutral room from looking too flat and one dimensional, it is important to add layers of texture (a tip I picked up on the Juliettes Interiors Interior Design Course). So for example you could try a lime wash or chalk wash paint for an organic, earthy, fashionably unfinished look on the walls – this is both rustic and adds that extra layer of texture in a subtle way. Or you could opt for a stone or marble wall mural, like above. Cushions and rugs can be neutral, but opt for ones with bobbles or a relief pattern. Rustic vases filled with dried grasses are ideal to add another layer of visual interest.

The luxury of space

One of important things in a rustic luxury design is a feeling of spaciousness. Clutter is not synonymous with luxury, so that’s why a pared back look works in terms of displaying your decorative accessories. Space should flow and not feel cramped. Even a smaller room can feel more spacious if you avoid having obstacles in the way and surfaces that are minimally styled, so aim for that. You can invest in some nice storage pieces that work within the room to hide your clutter away such as sisal or rattan baskets or stylish french cane boxes on shelves. The use of curved furniture can also help with the flow and feeling of spaciousness as it removes hard edges and a blocked feeling. Which is why the Modern Curved Sofa is such an ideal furniture item. You could also opt for a round coffee table or nest of tables.

In summary

There are so many great thing about the Rustic Luxury interior style, because it can be both traditional or modern depending on your taste. It can also overlap with other trends such as Japandi, Warm Minimalism or the big trend for curved furniture. It also promotes a ‘less is more’ ethos which means buying less – instead focusing on considered, quality pieces and timeless accessories.  It really doesn’t matter whether you have an urban apartment or a country cottage, the style translates well into any setting. Start by de-cluttering and investing in some stylish storage. If you want to add a new occasional piece to the living room, a console table with two large baskets underneath can sit behind a sofa. Or consider introducing a pair of something, such as two velvet pouffes or a pair of vintage wooden stools facing the coffee table. Place a luxurious looking rug underneath your coffee table as well for added luxury, then place some books on top and an iron candleholder or three! Finally why not display some tall woody branches from the garden and pop them into a neutral rustic vase to display on the fireplace. Why not check out my Rustic Luxury Pinterest Board for more inspiration!

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