Furniture Tips to Make Your Home Office Productive and Presentable

Lots of people are now working from home, which might mean setting up a new space to work in. Working from home grants you lots of freedom, but it also comes with its own challenges. If you are going to be making video calls, the background of the call needs to look smart and tidy to retain a professional appearance. You also need to ensure your home office helps you to feel inspired and maintain a high level of productivity. Here are some tips that can help your home office to function perfectly:

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Suitable Seating

Every home office needs comfortable seating, be it a desk chair to work from or a sofa for clients to sit on. If you use a chair at your desk all day, it needs to be a chair that is supportive and helps your posture. Nothing is worse than an uncomfortable chair; it is distracting and will ruin your focus, and even worse, it will give you backache. You can pick any style you like, but if you plan on sitting in the chair for 8 hours a day or more, multiple days a week, then it is worth spending money on a really good one. A comfortable chair is important if you want to be productive!

The Desk is Everything

Your desk is where your work can be placed, be it your laptop, your paper and pens or even a sewing machine. You will need sufficient space for your things, but if you only use a laptop, then you can get away with a smaller desk to fit neatly into tight spaces if you need to. Your desk should be at a good height so that you can sit comfortably on your chair without bending or straining. So, your desk and chair will be something you need to figure out as a pair, not separately.

Standing desks have been recently popularised as a healthy alternative to traditional seating desks, but an even better solution is to opt for a height-adjustable desk. This means you get the perfect balance, as you can switch between seating and standing throughout the day. A company that specialises in height adjustable standing desks is FRISKA. Taking their name from the Swedish word for ‘healthy’, their Scandinavian inspired designs are the perfect combination of style and functionality. Their desks are a great way to introduce wellness into your home office. Picking the right desk will make all the difference in your office, both in how presentable and productive your space is.

Storage is Important

Every home office needs storage to keep things in place. A clutter-free space is much more presentable, so if you can nail the storage, then you will always have a space that you can feel proud of showing off. It is also much better on the mind when clutter is reduced, so to make your space feel calmer, make sure you have plenty of storage to hide the clutter away. This can be in the form of drawers, with drawer organisers, shelving with baskets and boxes, and also desk organisers for all your stationery. Take some time to organise your things and you will quickly see how much better the space feels once it has had a bit of a tidy up!

Arrangement is Key

Whilst the individual pieces of furniture you choose are important, the way that you decide to arrange them in your office space can affect the room greatly. Move furniture around and get a feel for what works best and how the space flows; for example, you could have your desk against the window so that you can make the most of natural light, or alternatively, you could have your desk against a wall and create a montage of inspiration above it. There are different kinds of layouts depending on where your office will be set up, and finding what works for you is important, so do re-arrange things and play around with the space.

Tie Things Together

To make your home office more presentable, you should make sure to pay attention to the style in your room too. Bringing together pieces that work with your chosen colour scheme will help to create a cohesive look that is more visually appealing. Look at the design and colour of your furniture and make sure the rest of the room can pick up on the style and help to tie things together. Hanging art or pictures on the wall and adding a rug can really help bring the room together and make it feel more inviting and pleasant to be in. Dress the space accordingly and it will look more presentable, which will help you feel positive, and hopefully more productive too!

Keep in mind all of these tips, and your home office will soon become your favourite room in the house. Working from home might come with challenges, but it can be a great experience too, so make the most of it.

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