Is Staying in the new Going Out? How to Enjoy a Chilled-Out Friday Night

Picture the scene; it’s the Friday night before payday, and your friends are looking forward to a night on the town. However, you’re strapped for cash and tired after a long 40-hour week, and so begin to brace yourself for a quiet and lonely night in.

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There’s growing evidence to suggest that staying in on Friday night is not at all bad, and there are various findings that seem to back up this assertion. So how can you fill the void of a fun night out whilst enjoying a chilled out Friday night in? Here are some ideas to help you!

Meditate or Practice Yoga

Throughout the ages, people have meditated and practiced yoga to achieve a wide range of both physical and mental health benefits. Yoga is a particularly effective way of relaxing and easing daily stresses, with various studies showing that practicing yoga over a period of 10 weeks or longer can reduce your levels of stress and anxiety.

At the very least, yoga helps to promote relaxation and teaches you techniques that enable you to use Friday night as an escape from the daily grind of work, parenting and relationships.

Enjoy a Preferred Hobby

Do you have a multitude of hobbies but no time in which to practice them? If so, you’re not alone, so it may be wise to focus on a single pastime that you truly enjoy. You could also look to indulge this hobby as part of your Friday night in, whether you want to knit a colourful sweater or complete a 5,000-piece jigsaw.

If you do have a preferred hobby but very little spare time, the chances are that you’ll also have a number of unfinished projects that are leaving your frustrated. So, why not focus on completing these each Friday, as you look to earn genuine feelings of accomplishment and fulfilment in your personal life.

Don’t Forget to Treat Yourself

Whilst relaxing on a Friday night can deliver obvious physical and mental health benefits, this doesn’t mean that you can’t treat yourself at the end of a long, hard week. You should take the time to cook a nice, satisfying meal, as eating at home in a relaxed environment affords you the opportunity to really acknowledge the food that you’re eating and appreciate its taste.

Even if health is your focus, you deserve to treat yourself on your Friday night in, whether you choose to enjoy your favourite bottle of wine or a selection of high-end toffee and chocolate desserts. We’ll leave the treats up to you, but you should definitely take the time to reward yourself after a long working week! This will ease the fear of missing a night out and help you to realise the benefits of staying in!

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