Is your business COVID-19 PPE ready?

Whether you are a childminder, beautician, nail technician or have any other job that requires close contact with others and can’t wait to start working again, this article is for you!

PPE for work

With the lockdown restrictions slowly easing, it’s almost time to open your business to the public again, which is great news! To do this safely for both you and your customers, you’ll have to ensure that your business is equipped with all the necessary personal protective equipment for a COVID-19 safe environment.

What is personal protective equipment? Good question. You might have heard this word being thrown in the news much more recently but what does it mean? As the Health and Safety Executive explains, personal protective equipment (PPE) is equipment that will protect the user against health or safety risks at work. This equipment includes items such as gloves, eye protection, safety footwear as well as respiratory protective equipment.

Now, for the important bit – what equipment will you need to ensure you have a safe space to work and where to get it?

Aviation Spares has a whole range of COVID-19 personal protective equipment to support businesses and staff work safely during the coronavirus outbreak. This equipment should be used in combination with effective hand hygiene and social distancing when possible.

Face Protection

From PPE face shields to medical safety goggles, face protection is highly important to protect the wearer’s face from airborne bacteria and dust particles.

Body Protection

Protect your body and clothes from the hazards in the workplace with disposable aprons, disposable gowns, disposable sleeves and more.

Foot Protection

Disposable foot covers are the perfect addition to any workplace which requires a solution to prevent contamination of clean areas while protecting the flooring.

Hand Protection

Work gloves are essential for various environments and applications, including chemical resistant gloves and disposable gloves.

Personal Hygiene

Guarantee a safe and hygienic workplace environment with a range of personal hygiene items, such as hand sanitiser, anti-bacterial wipes and more.

For more guidance on how to work safely during the coronavirus pandemic, visit for further advice.

Covid-19 PPE

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