Making the Perfect Games Room

Have you ever thought about transforming your spare room into a games room which you can enjoy with your friends and family? Sounds great, right?

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And if you live with family, even better – transforming a room into a games room will be the perfect activity to do altogether. But how to do it? And can you do it on a budget? These are all great questions and the answers are… yes and yes!

Plan and research

First and foremost, planning should be your number one priority when doing any home renovation project. Family Budgeting also recommends the same and mentions how you should “put down the overall budget you are willing to spend on the games room, so you don’t go over it.”

After that, it’s time for research – anything from colours, lighting to decoration and games. And don’t forget to brainstorm with your family to see what they like and dislike, after all, it’s a space for you all to enjoy!

This article on Ankle Biters Adventures also advises on creating a mood board with your ideas and then working around them. This will help you have a better overall idea of how the end result will look like and how everything will tie-in together.

No room? No worries!

What if I don’t have a spare room? You might have something even better! If you have a garage or attic that you’ve been using as a storage space, perhaps it’s time to go through everything and declutter Marie Kondo style! Then, you can start seeing your garage or attic space with brand-new eyes and start imagining where everything will go.

In case you don’t have any extra space at all in your home, don’t worry! If this is the case, why not transform your living room into a multi-functional space? For instance, with a snooker dining table by Hamilton Billiards you can enjoy a riveting game of snooker after your supper, and all you need to do is to turn the table over – easy, peasy!

Pick the right games

After picking the main games table for your games room, it’s time to choose what other games you want in your games room. Perhaps a more modern option such as a games console for the younger generation and some classic games such as air hockey or foosball will be a great addition for everyone to enjoy!

Photo by Vital Sinkevich on Unsplash

Decorate away!

Now, it’s time to decorate and choose the perfect furniture for your games room – my favourite part! Depending on the style of games room you are aiming for, choosing the perfect hardware and ironmongery will bring the whole look together.

For a modern and minimalistic look, perhaps some matte black knurled door handles that I found on Ironmongery Experts on the main doors and some gold handles on the cupboard doors will make your games room look sleek and contemporary. Or if you want to bring the pub indoors, maybe go for a more industrial look? This can be achieved with pewter door handles, industrial pendant lights and exposed brick walls. I can almost see it!

In case you are on a budget, go for the second-hand route and upcycle other people’s furniture. Websites like Freecycle give unwanted goods away for free, so pick the ones you fancy and give them your own twist.

When everything is done and dusted, it’s time to put everything together and let the games begin!

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