Layout Ideas To Transform Your Kitchen Space

Having a smaller kitchen may leave you feeling uninspired with your space. This needn’t be the case, as having a smaller kitchen area shouldn’t mean you have to take away elements you have always dreamt of. Incorporating innovative layout ideas and hacks are simple ways you can transform your once unimaginative space into your dream kitchen.

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In this post, kitchen design experts, Katie Brown Kitchens are here to help provide the inspiration and advice you need to upgrade your kitchen layout.

It’s All In The Storage

 If you are similar to us, you will love to have everything in place and organised accordingly.

Having an organised approach to your kitchen specifically helps create a more breathable and manageable space for you to work in, especially if you do have a smaller space to work with.

You can find an array of different integrated storage options around, from pantries that when opened transform into a heaven of shelves and racks, to sliding doors and cabinets that compliment your design and double up to be your life saving storage area.

When looking around your kitchen space, it is amazing how you notice individual areas or items that unknowingly take up your important space. For example, your bin can take up quite a lot of room, and when removed it can free up some much needed space, to allow you to move more freely around your kitchen. A simple change here is to integrate your bin into a openable storage bin drawer, which helps to conceal all of your unwanted rubbish and bring back that all important space.

Again, touching on pantries, you can find an array of pantry types that can work with the fixtures and fittings of your kitchen. A fantastic solution away from the traditional pantry, could be looking into a sliding pantry, which remains compact and closed away when not in use, but pulls out to reveal your herbs, spices, and dry food (or whatever you would love to have in!). It is more common now to see these next to your oven, as you can easily access your important ingredients when you need that perfect seasoning for your dish.


 Colour choices can also positively and negatively affect the feel of your kitchen space.

Having an overall dark colour theme throughout your whole kitchen can result in the area feeling much more compact as the lack of natural light does not have the opportunity to add enhanced brightness through reflections. These reflections can help the space appear more open and airy.

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When looking particularly at your wall colour choice, you may want to consider having a lighter shade to surround the room, and any darker features you want to include, could be incorporated within your appliances, cabinets or worktops.

When analysing your kitchen, consider each element of your space, from walls to floors. Then consider whether you like the area, what you would like to do to improve it and how it could be. From top to bottom, allow the room to flow and add your own unique elements where you think the space can be enhanced.

Did We Mention Storage?

 Let’s move onto storage solutions for your appliances.

Your kitchen appliances may have been the last thing you would add to your organisational list, but they are in fact, one of the most important. Having several kitchen appliances can eventually “clutter up” your free surface space and make the area feel much more compact.

If you feel your appliances are your main culprit, then you could consider having a hidden cupboard that could either be adapted from a current storage cupboard or by adding one within your current framework. A popular choice is a dedicated appliance cupboard for breakfast, as the first thing we tend to do is use our appliances making our first coffee of the day and a slice of toast.

Tucking away these appliances can help bring your worktops back to life and also allows you to prepare your meals in a much more workable space.

Don’t Overcomplicate

 We have all been there, rearranging and adding items to our kitchen space which can result in eventual frustration. More neutral and simple kitchen schemes can help improve the space and also open up the room.

If you desire a more contemporary feel to your kitchen and love a modern style, then you will see that many of these designs comprise a simple exterior with integrated solutions featuring all the storage and item space you need.

Having a small kitchen space doesn’t restrict you from having the kitchen you dream of. Take the time to consider different organisation options, innovate the space into something that is unique to your home and make it a space you are really proud of.

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