Hot Summer Kitchen Design Trends To Look Out For In 2023

With summer almost here, it’s the ideal time to look at your kitchen with a critical eye and think about how it could be refreshed and ready to entertain and impress this season. Luckily there are lots of hot interior style trends around to inspire.

So whether you’re planning a complete kitchen upgrade or simply want to add some seasonal touches to make your space more inviting, here are the top summer 2023 ideas you need:

Natural elements and organic materials

The trend for bringing nature indoors continues to dominate. Incorporating natural elements and organic materials into your kitchen design creates a calm, soothing and harmonious atmosphere. Nature helps us to feel grounded and peaceful, therefore using bespoke kitchens featuring wooden kitchen furniture and cabinetry is a good way to embrace that natural, relaxed warmth and charm.

Portree Kitchens

Even simply accessorising with beautiful wooden serving trays, utensils, bowls or chopping boards can help to enhance this feeling.

You could also introduce some greenery for a natural touch – whether that’s with potted herbs on the windowsill or a pretty indoor olive or lemon tree. Another simple idea is to display blossom branches from the garden in a terracotta or concrete vase. The combination of earthy tones, textured finishes, and live plants or stems will infuse your kitchen with a breath of fresh air and serve to bring the outdoors in.

Summer colours

Neutrals have been a big trend for a considerable time, but this summer you can enjoy adding colour here and there. The choice is yours between light and subtle pastels –  or more bold and playful colours.

Lemon, mint, coral and lilac are perfect shades to bring into the mix as they are uplifting and summery. Look for kitchen accessories in these colours such as tea towels, glassware, plates and mugs, serving bowls, even your small appliances can be pretty pastels. Alternatively a verdant green, zesty orange or Mediterranean blue will inject a fresh and invigorating aspect to your space.

For a bigger transformation, think about adding colour through painted cabinets, dining chairs, tile splashbacks or window blinds or an uplifting new wall colour.

Adding pops of colour will lift the mood and add a truly summery vibe and you could tap into the latest hot trend for stripes this summer with seat cushions or tablecloths and tableware in striped designs.

Capture the light

A kitchen flooded with summer daylight will lift your mood and make you feel like you’re on holiday in your own home. So use tried and tested ways to increase the light levels. Keep any blinds or curtains sheer and opaque, add a large wall mirror, swap solid light shades for glass ones and consider adding roof lights or full length windows or glass doors.

If you already have plenty of glass, ensure it is sparkling and streakfree so as not to dim the light.

Open display shelving

People are swapping wall cabinets for open shelving and you can see why this is a popular trend. Instead of hiding away your favourite collections of glasses and tableware, it’s a chance to display them in a more aesthetic way.

Whether you add multiple wooden shelves or even just remove the doors from your wall cabinets, this design technique helps to enhance the kitchen by giving it a more airy and open feel and your glassware will really shine and sparkle on a sunny day. Mixing and matching different items, textures, colours and patterns can create an eclectic and unique display.

Create a focal point

Whether it’s a multi-functional kitchen island or a stylish dining table with a beautiful floral centrepiece, try to give your kitchen an eye catching focal point. This is where your own personal style can shine. Alternatively you could add a breakfast bar or seating area to create a cosy casual corner, or a trendy cocktail cabinet or bar cart.

These versatile focal points not only add to the functionality of the kitchen but they are great spots for conversations and hanging out.

So as you can see, summer 2023 is all about elevating the kitchen by incorporating natural elements, playing with colour, adding open shelving or multi-functional aspects to transform your kitchen and make it stand out from the crowd. Let it be the perfect place to gather, cook, chat and create a summer full of memories!

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