Maintenance Musts: A Handy Guide For Homeowners

Buying a house is a major milestone, but being a homeowner isn’t always plain sailing. As wonderful as it is to hold those prized front door keys in your hands, it’s important to realise that owning a property carries a lot of responsibility. Keeping up with maintenance tasks is beneficial for several reasons, including saving money and keeping the house in good condition. In this handy guide, we’ll discuss some maintenance musts for homeowners. 

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Roof inspections and repairs

The roof is a critical structure, which protects the rest of the property from the elements. If you have an old house, or you live in an area where storms or unpredictable weather are common, it’s wise to organise regular roof inspections. Minor issues can spiral into more complex problems relatively quickly, especially during the winter months if the weather is bad. Inspections allow roofing experts to identify potential problems and early warning signs. It’s also beneficial to seek advice if you think your roof may be damaged, or it is very old and has become worn. Roof repairs can help to prolong the lifespan of the roof and reduce the risk of other issues, such as damp. Early intervention is usually cost-effective. In some cases, if there is a high probability of further damage, roofers may recommend replacing the roof. 


The gutters on your home play an important role in carrying water away to prevent pooling and protect against leaks, flooding and damp patches. It’s very common for gutters to get blocked, especially during the autumn and winter months when the trees lose their leaves and it’s wet and windy. Try to keep up with basic gutter maintenance and regular cleaning and contact a gutter repair company if you notice that your gutters aren’t working properly or they are cracked or damaged. It’s best to repair or replace broken gutters before the situation gets worse to protect your home and reduce maintenance and repair costs in the long term.

Boiler checks

Most of us rely on heating systems to stay warm and cosy and enjoy hot showers and relaxing baths. The last thing you want is for your boiler to break down, leaving you with no heating or hot water. It’s not always possible to avoid faults, but keeping up to date with routine checks can lower risks. Schedule checks and seek professional advice if you notice warning lights or you feel like the boiler isn’t working as effectively or efficiently as it should be. If you have a very old boiler, engineers may recommend swapping to a newer version. This could save you money in the long run, as new boilers are more energy efficient and they are much less likely to break down than old units.  

Being a homeowner has many perks, but it’s not all sunshine and roses. When you buy a house, you assume responsibility for maintenance and repairs. Keeping up with basic jobs and seeking advice if you notice signs of damage or wear can help to lower costs and protect your home. Organise regular boiler checks and roof inspections, take action if you notice warning signs or red flags and keep your gutters clean. 

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