The Pros & Cons of Purchasing a House on a Main Road

The housing market is incredibly competitive today. New builds are springing up across the country; however, these new builds do often come with a higher price tag. This is why many people, especially first-time buyers, opt to purchase cheaper, existing properties. Oftentimes, compromises and sacrifices need to be made. One such area whereby people do not want to compromise is the location. Buying a home along a main road is often where people draw the line. However, beggars can’t be choosers, and it might be worth putting a little more thought into whether or not a home on a main road would be right for you. Let’s take a look.

The Pros

There are a few advantages to consider when purchasing a property along a main road. One of the biggest pros being convenience; living along a main road does tend to be much more convenient than living way out in the sticks. Obviously, main roads are much busier, but this is simply because they represent the most direct route between two points. In some instances, there will also be a number of amenities right on your doorstep too.
Main roads tend to be better lit, and as mentioned above, they are often within walking distance of all of the local amenities. This means that walking to and from the shops or allowing your children to walk to school and back – if they are old enough to – shouldn’t cause you any real concern. The roads are busy and well-lit, which tends to mean that they are safer and more secure than quieter side streets, which do not see the same amount of foot traffic.

If you do not have a vehicle of your own, either because you can’t afford it or perhaps you simply do not know how to drive, living on a main road might be a great option for you. This is because they often have far better transportation links than the neighbourhoods that are a little further out.

Quieter side streets see less traffic in terms of pedestrians and vehicles, which is often what sells them to other people. That being said, because they are not used as much, they don’t tend to take priority for street cleaners, potholes are left longer, and they aren’t gritted when bad weather is expected. Conversely, these are all tasks that are carried out routinely on busier roads simply because they get first dibs because of the increase in their usage.

The Cons

There are a few cons that you should be aware of too. Namely, the noise, a main road is often far noisier than a residential area both in terms of traffic and passersby. Depending on the visibility of your property, you might also find that you have less privacy as people peer in through your windows. The increased traffic can mean an increase in dust and pollution. You might also not have access to parking, although if the property is set back a little, you could always choose to build a driveway visit to learn more. Lastly, you might find it more difficult to sell the property in the future, which is something to bear in mind.

In Summary

Purchasing a property on a main road is well worth the consideration. There is no need to discount it simply because of the location if it has everything else that you want and need from a home. Of course, the cons will need to be considered, but the pros are also worth bearing in mind.

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