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The Benefits of Having a Sofa Bed at Home

If your home is a classic two-up two-down, you may not have the luxury of owning a spare bedroom. This means putting people up for the night is not something you can comfortably offer, without asking your friends or family to crash on the couch downstairs.

While this isn’t the worst scenario, it’s not very practical for your guests to sleep on the sofa in your open-plan lounge. The solution? A stylish sofa bed.

Here you can discover the many benefits of introducing this convenient and, more importantly, comfortable piece of furniture into your home.

You Can Effortlessly Save Space

If you don’t have a lot of space to work with, a sofa bed is ideal. While you’ll want to accommodate your guests, there’s absolutely no point in buying a bed especially for friends and family because, let’s face it, they’ll only stay over once in a blue moon, right?

Rather than fill a room with a double bed, use that space for your own benefit, be it for an extra wardrobe, office desk, dressing table, or place to store your gym equipment. A sofa bed will offer a stylish place to sit, as well as a comfortable place to sleep, without sacrificing space on a permanent basis.

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You Won’t Feel the Need to Apologise to Your Guests

While offering a blow up mattress is better than no mattress at all, it’s not exactly hostess with the mostess etiquette. Plus, a blow up mattress is a bit of a faff. The beauty of a sofa bed is that it’s extremely easy to pull out and put away so, if someone does decide to stay the night, you can set up a bed with ease.

A sofa bed will offer family and friends a comfortable night’s sleep with minimal fuss. Forget feeling embarrassed about putting them up on a battered blow up bed; you can proudly ensure that your guests have a relaxing night’s sleep.

You Can Create a Stylish Statement

Whether you decide to incorporate a sofa bed into your lounge or elsewhere in your home, you’re certain to make a stylish statement. These practical pieces of furniture are available in an array of designs and colours, so you’ll have no trouble finding one to suit your interior décor.

Accessorise with cushions and throws and you’ll create a cosy look while also introducing those all-important decorative touches to your scheme. It’ll look a million times better than a futon or a mattress on the floor.

A sofa bed will not compromise on the aesthetics of your room; it’ll look exactly like a regular settee, but with the added luxury of converting into a bed.

If you’re tempted to buy this stylish, space-saving solution which will provide family and friends with a good night’s sleep, look no further than Happy Beds, the UK’s leading bed and mattress store.

You’ll find an array of sleeping solutions for guests, including a pull out sofa bed, day beds and guest bed, so you’re certain to find the perfect solution for you and your home.

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