Motivating Yourself at the Gym After an Absence: 4 Tips 

Unfortunately, even the best efforts at a healthier lifestyle can be derailed by an illness or absence from the gym. Once you find yourself out of the habit, it can throw up a number of blockades which can then make it more difficult for you to get back into the swing of things. Motivating yourself after a gym absence can be incredibly challenging, but it isn’t impossible. Keep reading for the tips and tricks you need to help you to get your motivation back. 

Put On Your Gym Gear 

Sometimes the simplest barriers can prove the most difficult to overcome. If you want to get back to the gym, the first step is to don your gym gear. If you are dressed and ready for the gym, you are far more likely to want to go and to make it there. There is a lot to be said for dressing for success. You don’t want your gym gear to go to waste.  

Find Yourself a Workout Buddy 

While it is easy to give yourself excuses and avoid getting back to the gym, it isn’t as easy when someone is relying on you. If you can find yourself a gym buddy to work out with and hold you accountable, should you try and ditch, you are far more likely to make it to the gym. Going to the gym with a friend can also make the entire experience more fun by adding a social element. You can help each other to reach your goals. 

Make Sure You’re Eating Properly 

The food that you consume will also have an impact on the success of your gym journey. It will affect how much energy you have to work out as well as the efficacy of said workouts. Some foods, e.g. high protein foods such as chicken, salmon, beans, skimmed milk, full fat cottage cheese, eggs, Greek yoghurt are better for building muscle and can help you see results more quickly than you otherwise would. If your ultimate aim for the gym is to lose weight and improve your fitness, then what you eat will affect this too. For example, if you make no effort to change your diet, it will likely slow down your weight loss and make it more difficult. Changing your diet can be a challenge, especially if you haven’t got the time or inclination to meal prep; this is why a lot of people opt for shakes which is something to consider; for example, Shake That Weight has a huge range of full of flavour meal replacement shakes 

Reassess Your Goals 

Finally, before you head back to the gym, it is worth rethinking your goals. What were your goals previously, and why didn’t you achieve them? Is there a way to make those goals more attainable and realistic? Think about how much time you have to dedicate to your goals and any other boundaries or barriers in your way. Your goals should be specific, include a time frame, and be easily measurable.  

In Summary 

Getting back into the gym after a prolonged absence, regardless of the cause, is a challenge. Once the novelty of going to the gym has worn off, and you are yet to see any results, it is hard to muster up any enthusiasm. But, if you are ready to head back to the gym, then think about the tips above and how they can help. 

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