Retrofitting Your Office Before Your Full Return

While remote work has become the norm in 2020 and seemingly 2021, it’s important to understand that now can serve as a great time to retrofit your office and prepare it for your eventual return. But while giving the place a new lick of paint and perhaps replacing some of the carpets can be a nice investment, it’s also true that you can redefine the overall outlook of your premises, and how it affects your team for the better.

After all, think of how people will be returning to work in your office. Tepidly, hesitantly, perhaps a little exhausted. While it’s true that remote work is easier for many, coming into the office provides structure and the chance to apply better timekeeping. It also allows you to curate a better and more involved workplace culture, which in the long run can be positively affecting.

But what does that mean in practice? In the following advice, we’ll talk through your options and consider your best route forward, including what upgrades might be viable. Let’s consider:

Electrics & Plumbing

It’s good to have electrics and plumbing on your side, of course, but it could be that your office needs a checkup, a set of repairs, or general maintenance and upkeep to solve certain developing safety issues. This is why utilizing electrical contracting services can help you better outfit your office and wider premises, making sure that the renovative efforts you may wish to apply are worthwhile and actually hold merit. They can also ensure your building’s safety, which is a great opportunity when no one is currently occupying your office on a day to day basis.

Office Furnishing

Office furnishing is important to consider for your business, as it can really help not only speak to the quality of your workplace, but it can help staff in their daily working efforts. Now is a great time to purchase ergonomic and even high-end furniture (with extremely good support) from companies selling job lots of old chairs and desks. Investing in standing desks or chairs with adjustable armrests and proper lumbar support is a direct investment in the health of your staff – at a time where healthcare is more precarious than ever. That has to be a net positive.

Brand Identity & Murals

Brand identity is also essential to consider. Can you give your team that pick-me-up they might be desperate for when returning to the office? A full-frontal staff mural could be an excellent option, showcasing your history, your ambition and your principles, art that can be related to by your entire staff. You could display inspirational images and other imagery for a mural using a Photo mosaic Wall. This will allow you install a digital display to make the space more interactive and personable. Brand identity might be adjusted in this way, too, perhaps with a curated and renewed logo to show you’re throwing off the dust of the past and redefining yourself for the current year. Imaging is more than just vanity, it’s a means by which to express yourself, and that works for your brand in kind.

With this advice, we hope you can more easily retrofit your office, even before your full return.

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