Quick-Step Laminate Floor One Year Later

Our Quick-Step Laminate Flooring One Year On

I can hardly believe it’s a year since we had our Quick-Step Laminate flooring laid in the main family living room!

You can see my original blog post here, with all the before and after photos, from when it was initially laid.  But today I wanted to give a little update on how it has held up over the past twelve months.

I have to say, being installed in a house full of heavy-footed boys (husband and three sons) in one of the most used rooms, I was a bit worried for it’s welfare.  But I needn’t have been as it has stood up incredibly well!

I am so glad we went for this option; it still looks as good as when it was first fitted.  I never have to worry about scratches and marks because it’s so hard-wearing and its a dream to keep clean.  Sounds too good to be true?  I would have thought the same, if I hadn’t lived with it for the past year and seen it for myself.

Originally I had been coveting an engineered wood floor, but the team at Quick Step, although they supply that type of flooring too, had rightly advised me that a good quality, hardwearing laminate floor would be ideal for a family like us.  This is because our room has an open plan conservatory at one end, which as we know experiences quite extreme temperature changes – plus with all the foot traffic stepping in from the garden, on both counts a laminate would perform well.  We have totally found this to be true and as the wood effect is so good, I don’t even miss the fact that it’s not a real wood surface.

We opted for a very pale, Scandinavian look which is the Impressive Ultra in Sandblasted Oak Natural.  I was a bit concerned at the time about whether this was sensible, but honestly it is the easiest floor to keep clean.  I tend to it only occasionally – much less than any other floor in the house.  We have exposed floor boards and a Karndean vinyl floor elsewhere, and this laminate is by far the easiest surface to look after.  It only requires a quick sweep or hoover and an occasional going over with a damp mop.  The key to caring for this floor is to never let it get soaking wet – if water damage was to occur the planks would swell. That said, spilled drinks have not been an issue at all if you wipe up the moisture as soon as you can and don’t allow any puddles to soak in.

Our installer had the (fairly large) room fitted out in a day and a half.  We opted for a beaded edge which was quicker than removing the skirting and running the floor under it, though admittedly I would like the look of that slightly more, however the beading is a perfect match so not obtrusive.

It truly is as immaculate as a year ago and we’re still enjoying the ‘new’ bright feel it has given the room right from the start.  It’s kind to our bare feet, too – springy, not too cold to the touch and there’s no chance of splinters, unlike our previous exposed floorboards where every week I seemed to be plucking little shreds of wood from my kids’ feet!  Also, gaps where crumbs and debris could fall down are a thing of the past, as happily the joins are nice and tight.  It’s not at all slippery, shiny or plastic-y like some other laminates.  It has a textured finish that feels like a proper wood grain and has a matte appearance.  The planks are wide which I love – it gives the floor a more exclusive look in comparison to some of the more ‘every day’ laminates.

I feel it will give us many years good service and when we do fancy a change in the future, will be easy enough to replace as it all locks together, without glue, so is therefore easy to dismantle.  I’ve no plans to change it for the foreseeable though – why would I, when I still absolutely love it!

Eventually I’d like to add a wood burning stove in this room, and a velvet sofa plus a new feature wall or paint colour.  I’m excited to think about giving the room a brand new look and think the floor will provide the perfect base, whatever we decide to do.

In the rest of the house, I’d really like to add a parquet effect laminate floor in an oak finish, going from the hall through into the front room and possibly the kitchen too so it all flows seamlessly – I think it would look amazing and so that’s definitely on my wish list for the future.

Have you got a laminate floor you’re very happy with?  Let me know in the comments!

Post in collaboration with Quick Step, all words and opinions are genuine and my own

© Copyright 2018 Antonia, All rights Reserved. Written For: Tidylife
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