Ways to Save Money on Moving Day Costs

It is said that us Brits move home approximately eight times on average in our lifetime!  But does it ever get easier?

Well I don’t know about that, but one thing is for certain: moving costs can seriously mount up if you don’t plan well and keep a check on your spending.  The good news is that, if your next house move is on the horizon, there are savings you can make on moving day by following these tips:

De-clutter before you go

De-cluttering is so important before a house move.  Think about it, the less stuff you have to take with you directly impacts on the amount of packaging you need to buy and of course the removal costs. It can also mean the difference between using a storage facility or not, which can mount up if you end up leaving belongings there for a long period.

Of course a thorough de-cluttering takes time, so start as far ahead as possible, going room by room and and chucking out, donating or selling anything you no longer need. Be ruthless! Furniture that won’t fit or suit your next home could be sold and the proceeds put towards your moving cost.  Also de-clutter your food cupboards, fridge and freezer as moving day approaches by planning meals to use everything up.  Again, you’ll save money and there will be less to transport on moving day!

Find a Reliable Removals Firm

Ask anyone you know who has moved recently about the removals company they used and whether they would recommend them.  Look online for reviews, research firms in your area and get quotes.  Using a website like Getamover.co.uk can help you think about your requirements and to discover the costs, duties and other important information about movers that you need to know before hiring someone.

Moving at weekend may cost more than a mid-week move, but if you are losing out on paid work to move during the week, or will need to pay for childcare, perhaps a weekend move is better for you.  Deciding on the best removal company for you is key to a successful and affordable move so get a few removal quotes to compare.  You may think that hiring a van and doing the move yourself is the way to save the most, but don’t underestimate how much work and stress you will be taking on by not using the expertise and manpower of a removals firm.  Unless you have a small flat with few belongings, it is best to use a removals company.

Save On Packing Materials

You may have decided that your removal company will pack (and even unpack) your belongings and budgeted for that. But if you have opted to pack up yourself, once you’ve thoroughly de-cluttered, you should need to source less packaging materials, making another saving.  Try to get free cardboard boxes from friends, neighbours, local shops and stores.  Reuse packaging off other items. Wrap delicates in towels rather than packing paper. You may like to invest in some plastic storage boxes that can be reused in your shed or garage at the next home.

The Importance of Packing Well

It is essential to make a list of everything you’re taking with you; should anything get lost or damaged in transit you will have a record of all your belongings which will help with any insurance claims.  Also, by packing really well, which includes labeling everything clearly, you won’t end up having to go out and buy replacement items that you can’t find – like the kettle!  Incidentally, make sure you have a clear plastic box filled with all those moving day essentials that will come in the car with you – including the kettle, mugs, tea, coffee, biscuits, bin bags, pet food etc!

Ask for Help

Rally the troops and ask your friends and family if they can help out in anyway.  From storing a few items for you in their garage or shed, to picking up the kids after school, or taking the dog back to theirs for a day or two, you could save on childcare costs and pet lodging while the move is in full swing.  Getting people to help with decluttering, packing and cleaning can be a huge time and money saver, too.  You may be able to avoid hiring extra help or a cleaning company to deep clean your old home or tackle the new property for you.  If you’re extra lucky someone may even cook you a casserole or bake you a celebratory cake to enjoy once you’re in your new place!

So if you are embarking on a move in the near future, make sure you follow these budget friendly tips to make savings on moving day. Good luck!

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