Packing tips for European city breaks

Are you planning an exciting European city break? If so, I’m envious! But don’t get too carried away focusing on the trip before you have planned what you need to do before you go! With many things to sort before you head off on your adventure, a packing tip or two will no doubt come in handy for your trip.

Remember, Europe recently experienced an extremely humid heatwave this month, and if you travel there unprepared you’re in for a tough time. Moreover, these kinds of events aren’t all you need to consider either. Still, if you plan everything well in advance you’ll have a great time.

Here’s a few useful packing tips for your European city break:

Vary your clothes

Despite the previously mentioned heatwave, you should never assume the weather of the place you’re visiting. The climate can be unpredictable and what starts as a burst of sunshine can sometimes turn into a violent storm. Weather forecasts can also be inaccurate on occasion. Therefore, it’s important to vary the clothes you pack; from shorts and short sleeved t-shirts to waterproof jackets.

Obviously, consider all the activities you may undertake too, such as beach trips, fancy meals out or hiking beyond the confines of the city. Chances are there’s a diverse range of outfits and ensembles you will need depending on what you’ve got planned, so be prepared for all events and weathers with your clothing! Who knows, you may even need layers for low temperature regions.


Many travellers assume that their accommodation will have their backs as far as toiletries go. While it’s true some hotels may well provide things like shampoo and hand wash, others simply won’t. If you’re avoiding hotels and staying somewhere like a flat or a house for the duration of your visit, chances are they won’t have toiletries in stock either.

Therefore, it’s important to pack your own. Things like shampoo and hand wash are obvious but be sure to remember to pack things like deodorant, aftershave, perfumes and all the other good stuff. You’ll get through customs with it in most (not all) airports, so do your research beforehand here to figure out what you can and can’t take on that score.

Pack a backpack

Difficult to say, but worth remembering; packing a backpack is essential, even when you’re in the city and away from the woods. Bottles of water, sun cream, snacks, prescription drugs, maps, cameras, phone chargers, tickets for any museums, concerts and theatre; they can all be stashed safely away in here. You’ll be prepared for anything!

Worried a backpack will cramp your style? Well, the backpacks from Radley London will enhance your look tenfold, coming in a magnificent myriad of sizes, patterns and colours. Leather backpacks also embody much of the European fashion sense too, especially in Paris, so be fashionable and practical at the same time with a backpack!


As with most things, much of packing comes down to common sense. Carefully review what country you’re going to and where you’ll be staying and plan your packing around that. It’s important to be as adaptable as you can possibly be on your trip and prepare for every eventuality for both your safety and enjoyment. Happy travelling!

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