Playing with Scale with Thomas Kent Clocks

I couldn’t manage without a kitchen clock – could you?

Our previous clock was a very basic model that had been up for years and was looking distinctly lack-lustre. But it was in the perfect spot for me to check often and I normally time EVERYTHING by it, especially in the mornings when I’m getting the boys up, fed and ready for school.

So I have fancied an upgrade for a while and was delighted when Thomas Kent Clocks got in touch about their chic and quirky range of clocks for the home or office.

Thomas Kent Clocks is an established clock manufacturing brand that launched back in 1980. Drawing on the vintage era and characterful finds from industrial salvage yards, the designs cleverly manage to combine the nostalgic appeal of old with a more edgy, up to the minute aesthetic that hints at urban and Scandi influences.

After being invited to choose a sample clock (and much deliberation), I decided to go for the stunning Clocksmith Grey Large Wall Clock, which retails at £95.

When I checked the dimensions I had to look twice as it is a whopping 56cm, so I had to make sure it would actually fit on the slim wall where our old kitchen clock used to live! Luckily, the space was just wide enough to accommodate it.

I think that oversized clocks make a great style statement wherever you put them (go big or go home as they say!) and absolutely love the large size of the clock face here in this small corner. I could have put it on a bigger wall elsewhere in the house, but it would have been used and viewed much less than in the kitchen, where I think it makes a real statement.

Playing with scale like this is a great trick to add drama to a room or create an interesting focal point. It’s definitely more fun and playful than going for a conventional sized clock, which could easily get lost as a home accent. I love that this one stands out, loud and proud – it makes for a really quirky corner, don’t you agree?

Although it’s huge, it is not too heavy at all and sits happily on the existing hook that held our old, smaller clock.

I chose this clock for its lovely shiny grey casing and the fact it has numbers on its face. As it will be used by the whole family for timekeeping, I think children tend to prefer real numbers on a clock, finding them easier to read than symbols, so it seemed like a really good choice.

However, there are several other designs I would happily give house room to – I’d love to have at least one more Thomas Kent Clock in my home in the future! These designs all stood out for me:

Greenwich Morning Gold Wall Clock and Greenwich Evening Gold Wall Clock

Both these options offer a very sophisticated and tasteful look for the home. The morning clock has a champagne gold face and metallic numerals, while the evening version has a dramatic black dial and contrasting gold numerals for a rather exclusive look.

Mulberry Rose Gold Large Wall Clock

On-trend rose gold numbers on a subtle grey face combine to create a cool and contemporary look here. This design comes in 3 sizes, including a handy mantel clock.

Campbell Metropolitan Wall Clock

Vintage vibes and old school glamour combine beautifully in this traditional clock design with ‘New York’ and ‘London’ scribed onto the face. A beautiful, timeless design that will never go out of date.

I think Thomas Kent Clocks is a brand that offers a great, stylish choice of clocks in various sizes, from large to small as well as mantel clocks. All the designs are versatile, suiting many styles of rooms, and offer a quirky twist for those who love interiors and want to make a statement on their walls.

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