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Postal vs Courier Services: Advice when sending a Package

When it comes to sending things, the standard and familiar postal service come to mind. Of course, many have their own complaints about these services; misplaced goods, items delivered late, broken contents, etc. Put simply, while the postal service is perfectly adequate 80% of the time, that other 20% is enough to cause concern. Surely there’s a better way to send your package. More people are now starting to favour quality courier services as a handy alternative. But what is it that places them above their competition?

courier services

Here’s some advice for people sending wanting to send a package.

Peace of Mind

One of the worst things about sending a package is the worry about whether it will get there on time and could it be lost in the post? What if the contents of the package arrive broken? These are justifiable questions when using a generic postal service. After all, they deal with thousands of these items a day; why would yours receive special treatment?

There’s a few important distinctions to make between the typical postal service and the work of couriers. The major one is that the postal service will never 100% guarantee it can deliver an item by a certain date, whereas a courier in fact, will. They can even deliver right down to a specific time (ideal should a well-timed surprise gift be planned!).  Ultimately, there’s more flexibility and reliability with a courier, so make sure you utilise their services to eliminate a great any needless stress. 

Weight and Length Considerations

Postal services will often have weight restrictions on the parcels they receive or send on your behalf. Most of them can’t transport heavy or exceptionally large goods and focus on lighter freight instead. It can be quite frustrating trying to iron out the logistics here because frankly, many postal services won’t accommodate the bulkier deliveries.

This is where courier services are ahead of the game here. There are practically no goods that they’ll refuse to ship, so long as you’re prepared for a price adjustment depending on what you’re sending and how heavy it is. (Understandably, as this does equate to more work for the courier during transit.) In the end, there’s more flexibility in terms of what you can send with a courier and they’ll certainly aim to please.

Time Constraints

When you want to send something through a postal service, it usually involves a trip to the depot or post office. It can be rather inconvenient if you’re busy. So another advantage of using a courier service is that they will come to you instead and pick up your parcel. Simply ring them or make arrangements for collection online via their website, and they’ll swing by, pick up the package and deliver it accordingly. We’re all time short these days, so the convenience of a courier service is probably a must for you.

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