5 Tips for Decluttering Your Home This Summer

Summer is a great time for decluttering your home. The weather is nice so you have more opportunities to get on with household projects. You could leave donations outside, or hire a skip to get rid of all the rubbish that’s been building up all year. Finally, make time to go through your cupboards and storage areas and you can reuse the space for something better. Here are five tips for decluttering your home this summer.

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Make a plan and stick to it

Even if it’s a big project you could set yourself a decluttering challenge. Whether it’s going to be a day’s work, or a whole month, making a plan is always a good idea. Draw up a list of all your home’s problem areas and make a plan of action. Being organised will save you time in the long run. It’s also a good idea to pace yourself and set a realistic timeframe. This will help you stick to the plan, even when other distractions get in the way. 

Hire a skip

Let’s face it, a proper decluttering might mean you getting rid of a lot of stuff. If you’re planning to throw away furniture, garden waste, or larger items, a company such as Lucas Skip Hire might be right for you. By hiring a skip, you’ll make the whole process a lot easier. You can unload your unwanted items and rubbish, and have them taken away for you. If your decluttering is going to be a big project this year, hire a skip. 

De-clutter room by room

One of the best ways to organise decluttering your home is room by room, and don’t start another room until you’ve finished the first one. That way, you can reward yourself each time a decluttering project is completed. This is a much more motivating way to do it. Start small as well. You could even just focus on one wardrobe or area of the room. 

Keep, toss or donate

It’s time to organise everything into these categories. If you have some perfectly usable items, you could donate them or post them on sites like freecycle. This is a much more eco-friendly way of doing things and you might make somebody else’s life better. 

Label boxes as keep, toss, or donate and be as strict with yourself as you can. If you’ve forgotten you had something consider how much you will really miss it if it’s gone. 

Use the space

Make a plan for the free space you’re clearing. Thinking of ways to use the space efficiently will help motivate you to declutter it. Perhaps you’re wasting your loft or spare room as storage when you could really get some proper use out of it. By converting the space you will add value to your home, and have something you and your family can enjoy in the future. 

Take some time to declutter this summer, it’s hard work but you’ll get instant satisfaction. Your home will seem like new again.

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