Practical and Pretty Ideas to Utilise the Corners of Your Home

Whether you live in a period property with its uneven walls and charming nooks, or in a brand-new and modern home, there often seems to be an unused and unloved corner. While you may have carefully planned and styled your home’s interior, knowing what to do with these small and awkward spaces can be tricky.

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But not to worry! We’ve compiled this list of pretty and practical solutions, so you can ensure every corner of your home oozes style.

Storage for Every Space

No matter if you live on your own, with friends, your partner, or family, many of us find that our homes are perpetually cramped. Often in need of more storage, you may struggle to keep things tidy and in order. This is where a vacant corner can come in useful.

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You could invest in a carefully crafted single wardrobe to add extra clothing storage to the bedroom, mount rustic shelving to a corner in the living room, or a boot and shoe rack in the hallway.

Showcasing Your Collections

If you have something you collect, then you’ll know only too well how many hours you’ve spent building your collection. Be it books, an extensive drinks selection, or figurines, displaying them well can really help to add your personal stamp to your home.

The corner can be a perfect place for collections. All you need is some shelving and a few well-placed lights to turn a lifeless space into a real talking point.

Warm and Cosy Rooms

The fireplace was once the central focal point of a sitting room, both adding style and keeping the space toasty. Nowadays, fireplaces have fallen out of fashion, with many homes no longer having them at all.

If this is the case in your property and you’d like to make your home feel cosy, you could install a fireplace in a corner. This can make a feature out of an otherwise unused space, while also injecting the room with warmth.

Useable and Liveable

With Brits typically living in more confined spaces – new homes are smaller in size than they have been for close to a century – making clever use of square footage has never been more important. This means utilising those empty corners.

Whether you lack room for a dining table or need to find an area for a home office, those corners could be ideal. With enough room for a breakfast bar or a desk, some DIY and planning could help to create a functional space.

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