Protect Your Privacy In Your Instagram Profile

Instagram is the perfect place to showcase your home decor and DIY projects. You can share your best ideas and efforts online and gather views with some of the most popular home decoration hashtags. 






In short, Instagram is the ideal platform for enthusiastic homeowners who want to build an engaging and inspiring presence. However, sharing your home on social media channels comes at a cost. You need to be careful about how much you are willing to share with your followers. Indeed, Instagram is a public-facing channel where the majority of your followers probably have never met you in real life. As such, it may not be safe to display some confidential details about your home and your location. Here are some tips to give them all the Insta feels without any of the Insta fears. 

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Don’t make your online profile private

First of all, it can be tempting to set your Instagram profile as private. However, it’s a counterintuitive strategy when it comes to the visual platform. Ultimately, a private profile means that nobody can see your posts unless they’re explicitly allowed to do so – aka, they follow you. It’s tricky to expand your home decor influence if nobody can see what you share! Instead, keep your profile public and make sure to fill up your bio bit. You can also link to your personal blog if you’ve got one. Instagram is unlikely to pull information from the blog beyond the URL. However, users can click and visit your site, so be careful about the contact data you publish online. Ideally, your blog shouldn’t display your home address. You can use a service such as if you want to provide contact information. Alternatively, you can also stick to a contact form with social media links to keep things manageable. 

Dramatic garden photos that don’t show too much

Garden photos are an excellent way of expanding your reach as an influential home decor enthusiast. You can seize the opportunity to show that your home has both an interior and exterior style. So, dress up your garden for your Instagram photo, as per However, it is a good idea to avoid visuals that might show your street name or house number. A high fence can hide your home from sight, ensuring that no recognisable road or structure is visible in the background. 

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The art of geotagging

Check your Instagram settings to remove the risk of sharing your physical location when you upload photos. Instagram using geotag features, aka the location of your device, when you share content. You shouldn’t allow Instagram to publicise your location if you want to protect your home and privacy. However, you can still use geotag features to share your locations when you’re visiting popular places. Most restaurants and noteworthy monuments already have a geotag attached, so it’s easy to search and add it to your photo. You can also add a location #hashtag when it is relevant, such as sharing your region or county, for instance. 

Building a safe online presence can be a game-changer when you want to share your home decor ideas and inspiration with an enthusiastic audience. Ultimately, the Internet is a place that never forgets anything. While your followers are unlikely to cause you any harm, there’s no need to take unnecessary risks for the sake of a good Insta photo! 

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