Put Health First With This Easy To Use Free Pill Reminder App

There is nothing more important than health.

Good health is the one thing you can never take for granted. Wintertime especially brings a wide range of challenges with increased health and wellbeing issues, so we need to take extra care of ourselves. But at any time of year, if you’re taking regular or even just occasional medication, it can be hard to manage it, in terms of remembering when you took a tablet, pill, injection or inhaler – and when you are due the next dose.

Free pill reminder app

So it was great to be introduced recently to a clever and simple FREE pill reminder app by Safe and Sound that reminds you when to take your medication. Put simply, it does the job of remembering for you!

Whether you have multiple medication to take, temporary painkillers, a contraceptive or antibiotics, it’s always important to keep track of what you take and when, to avoid doubling up or missing vital medicine.

If you manage the meds of more than one person in the family, too, it can get quite confusing. Some meds obviously need to be taken at specific times, with a particular break between doses. Some need taking on an empty stomach, while others should be taken with food. It’s incredibly important stuff, so having a handy app on your phone definitely helps keep the stress and worry out of administering medication correctly, in a timely manner.

Having recently tried out the Safe and Sound pill reminder app myself for a few days, I have found it genuinely helpful and useful. Even just the nudge to take my multi-vitamin, for example has been so handy as it’s something I otherwise frequently forget to do!

By setting the notifications, I can get a timed reminder on my phone. Should you need several meds every day and then others once a week, for example, this app is a great way to manage your whole routine.

You could use the app long term or just for a temporary period, for example if you have a poorly child who needs Calpol on a few occasions; it would help to ensure you are sticking to the recommended dosage, which is vitally important. Elderly relatives would certainly find this app really useful, too. I know my mum has had to juggle remembering to take regular meds along with a course of antibiotics recently, which needed to be taken at very specific times – and being an antibiotic, the course absolutely had to be completed. So this app would have saved her a lot of headache, juggling tablets daily and trying to time when she should eat in between. Also, forgetting a tablet can cause side effects ranging from feeling a bit off to actually putting health at risk, so I’ll certainly make sure to download the app onto the new smartphone she is getting shortly. It’s good to know that the app is available in both iphone and android versions, too.

We’ve also downloaded it to my son’s phone so he can manage his asthma prevention inhaler and tablets effectively. As a teenager, it’s good for him to feel he is being proactive and taking control of his meds. This will give me peace of mind should he go away on a school trip or stay at a friend’s house.

Even if you use pillboxes, which certainly help separate out meds over different days, the Safe and Sound pill reminder app can further enhance your medication taking routine and of course can be used with or without pillboxes.

Some people struggle with modern technology, let’s be honest, but the app is so utterly straightforward to figure out. I was able to set it up in a matter of a few minutes. I love how you can tailor it to your requirements, with options to add specific data such as whether a medication is a tablet, injection or liquid and whether to take with food or not etc. Also how many times per day/week the meds are to be taken.

Visually, the app has a great, ‘clean’ screen appearance – the clarity and simplicity helps avoid any confusion. It really couldn’t be easier to use and the fact that it is free to download is a great bonus!

My family will continue to use this app going forwards and I highly recommend downloading this super useful pill reminder app to make life easier.  As mentioned, it’s a free to use service and doesn’t have a premium subscription service like some other pill reminder apps. So what are you waiting for? Go to the Safe and Sound website to download and for more details.

This is a collaborative post but all opinions are genuine and my own

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