Reimagining Your Outside Space

A lot of us struggle when it comes to interior design, especially if the home is on the smaller side. Trying to infuse all of our ideas can be tricky when it comes to organisation, coherency and the themes which we try to pull off. But there is a way to solve this problem. 

One of the most unused areas of home design is actually the exterior. Our outside space is a blank canvas waiting to be painted. Whether it’s with water resistant laminate flooring, colour changing mood lighting or the integration of indoor items, there are many ways to reimagine your outside space and make it another extraordinary room in your home design project. 

Utilise Beautiful Wood 

Photo by Randy Fath on Unsplash

Wood is a great way to give your outside space a high-end feel. It often forms the exterior of most structures outside, be it a bar, a pergola, or decking. Indeed, inside the spaces, continuing to use beautiful wood is key. If you have laminate flooring throughout your home, then don’t be afraid to continue this feature into the outdoors. Waterproof laminate floors – especially in outside bars – can help to reflect the floors inside your house, making your outside space feel like a true extension of your home. 

A Few Small Lights Can Make A Big Difference 

Even just a few lights can make your outside space glow and sparkle. Instead of using an extension lead, try to find lights which are either battery operated or solar-powered. This will avoid any tripping hazards or ugly cables strung out about the place. Purchasing lights which offer various colours is also a must. A deep orange glow can make an outside space pop in the summertime, whilst a light blue shine can replicate a slow and relaxed mood as the evening progresses into the late hours.  

Integrate Indoor Items Into The Outdoors 

This one is a little more left-field, but integrating your indoor furniture into your outside space can be a great way to create a flow and a pattern between the two living areas. Of course, you should make sure that the furniture is durable and sturdy enough to survive the outdoors first. But, if pulled off correctly, this can make an outside space look stunning.  

Add Decor 

As with interior décor, outside décor can be essential in adding a bit of spice to the area. Small statues, vases or quirky flower pots can help amplify the style that you are attempting to achieve. Think outside the box a bit, take a wander around your local garden centre, and you’ll be sure to find something that speaks to you and sits perfectly outside your home. 

Choose A Centrepiece 

It is also important to have a focal point. That can come in the form of an outside coffee table, a water feature, some decking with a barbeque in the centre, a firepit, or anything else that you can think of. You want something that will catch the eye and make your outside space look luxurious and comfortable. Remember, in the warmer months, both yourself and your guests will want to spend nearly all of your time outside. So make sure that the space is not only fit for this purpose, but a place which you can show off and take a huge amount of pride in. 

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