Unique Ideas to Amp Up your Living Room  

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Are you bored of your dull living room? Are you looking for ideas to amp up this area of the home and bring in a vibrant feel? A living room speaks for the whole house and should resonate with the personality of the people living in the home. 

So, the best idea is to ensure your living area reflects something you are passionate about, be it travel, art, fashion, books etc. If you are creative enough, you can create an eclectic space featuring different elements, while still keeping it classy. This article has some ideas for you to use to amp up your living room.  

Display artwork on a blank wall 

If you are a lover of art, you must add some to your living room. You can choose to put up multiple small frames or buy a single large one from any exhibitions or sales. You can visit art galleries to purchase artwork from artists like Julie Blackmon, Homegrown. If you are an art enthusiast, you will know various renowned names and their art forms. You can choose abstract, contemporary, or any other art form to place in your sitting room. It livens up the room and adds to the aesthetics of your house.  

Use floating shelves to place your books

It is not a written rule to only use the floor space or a bookshelf for placing your books. Get creative with the room in your house. You can pick floating shelves made of glass or wood and place books and other wall decor or trailing plants. Attach the brackets in symmetrical order, choose colour or finishes that suit the home’s interior, and get yourself a classy-looking sitting room in no time. These shelves will bring a sophisticated and tasteful vibe to your home.  

 Carve out a bar  

Your sitting area acts like a plain canvas, ready for you to show your creativity. For example, have you considered installing a bar? If you love to socialise, even with a small area you can carve out a mini functional bar. It can be at the corner of a wall or even wall hung with a drop down shelf. Talk to an interior designer for ideas on minibars and implement them depending on your budget. The small addition can alone liven up your living area.  

 Get creative with soft furnishings

This option is great for a living area with less scope for adding decorative elements because of space issues. Look at all the things you can add colour with, such as curtains and sofas. You can break the monotony and symmetrical look of the room by using luxe fabric on the seating and cushions. It will add a vibrant vibe to the room and make people feel happy. The colour choice has a direct impact on the energy of the room.  


The living area is the central point of your home. It should make sense to you and resonate with your personality, for example sports some people will keep a bicycle or a surfboard in their living room to showcase their love for the particular sport. We hope the tips above can help you plan your living room decor.   

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