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Hard floors are hugely popular these days, but there’s always a place for carpet.  Many people actually prefer a carpeted living room, bedroom or stairs for that luxury feel and underfoot comfort.  Even those with wooden or tiled floors will often have area rugs to soften the hard edges.

The only downside to having carpet or rugs is of course trying to keep them clean and looking as good as new.  Dealing with a carpet stain and odours can be a headache, particularly if you have children or pets.  Luckily there is a product on the market which offers the perfect solution; Dr. Beckmann’s Carpet Stain Remover.carpet cleaner UK

Interiors Blogger, Zoe Brewer (My Interior Stylist) has teamed up with Dr.  Beckmann to show just how easy it is to use this award-winning product.  Why not see here for yourself:

I think the fact that Which? Magazine has given Dr. Beckmann Carpet Stain Remover the ‘Best Buy’ and ‘Best Value’ award for three years now is a great endorsement.

The carpet cleaner is effective at tackling a range of stains, including red wine, chocolate, curry, ice cream and more besides.red wine

Featuring a revolutionary cleaning brush, it allows the fluid to penetrate deep into the carpet stain, neutralising odours as it goes, making it ideal for pet stains.  As Zoe demonstrates, you simply shake and squeeze to release the formula and brush it inwards towards the centre of the stain.  Leave for three minutes and dab with a damp cloth to get rid of marks and blemishes – even tough ones!

I think everyone would be wise to keep a bottle of Dr. Beckmann Carpet Stain Remover handy for those inevitable accidents and you’ll find it in all major supermarkets, as well as on the Dr. Beckmann website for just £3.59

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