Signs You Need a Plumber!

Sometimes it is hard to tell if it is time to call a plumber – or if it is something you can fix yourself. It is a good idea to get comfortable with a range of DIY things for your home so that small stuff is easily tackled. 

But from time to time, there are sure signs that you need a plumber, and quick!

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This one is quite extreme in signs of when to call a plumber – yet many people delay. But if you turn on the taps in any room and aren’t seeing water, that is a problem. First, check that your neighbours have water – it could be an isolated or region-wide issue. 

Outages could be for all reasons; what is essential is that you have them checked immediately. 

Water pressure

If you are used to steady water pressure, and suddenly it changes to too high or too low, that is a sign that something is going on. In some cases, the shower head might need a good soak in vinegar; other times, it might be a more significant issue, like broken and cracked pipes. 

If you notice low water pressure, check all the other home water outlets to see if the problem is house-wide or just in one room. 

Drip, drip, drip

You might just get a bit annoyed at the dripping, but that dripping is costing you money. The price of water waste is high – but its impact on your home is bigger. If you have tried to fix the drip with tape or tighten up the pipe and had no luck, something else isn’t working correctly. 

Clogged toilet & drain

If your outside drains are bubbling and making noise – and smelling less than fresh, you’d naturally call a plumber. But something about the smell being in the toilet puts people off. No matter what has happened with your toilet, a plumber has seen it all before. 

It might be something simple like too much toilet paper clogging the pipes, but other times it signals a more significant issue further into the pipes. 

Often the drain for the bath can get blocked, and it is hair, creams, grease, and more built up and blocking the water from exiting. 

If you have unclogged and cleaned the pipes once, and the drain worked for a short time, and it keeps returning – this is something a plumber should look at. 

Hot water

After everyone has bathed, the dishes have been done, and so on, it is typical not to have hot water for a short time. However, if you still don’t have any by the following day, this is an issue that can’t wait. It’s not because you have no hot water, but because this is usually an issue with the boiler and could be a serious problem. 

If it is the case that your hot water is unreasonably hot – that is also a big issue that your plumber can deal with. Ensuring there are no fluctuations in the temperature so that no one is at risk of scolding. 

Add checking pipes, taps and drains to your to-to list: Home Maintenance Tips: How to Keep Your Home in Top Condition – Tidylife 

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