Small VS Big Wedding: How To Make The Right Decision With Your Partner

Not sure whether to go big or keep it intimate on your wedding day? There are pros and cons to both ideas, so it really depends on the sort of day you want to have. To help you make the decision, here are a few things you need to think about when planning your dream wedding day. 

 Small Wedding

Lower cost

Typically, smaller weddings have a lower price point due to there being less people to feed and pay for. Most venues will charge you guests per head, so 100 guests will cost you a considerable amount more than 30 will. 

Spend on the luxuries

If you have a set budget regardless of your wedding size, having an intimate wedding means you will have more money to spend on extra details and little luxuries, as you won’t be spending that money on guests. Have you always fancied arriving by helicopter? Or perhaps you’d rather allocate the spend to having your dream honeymoon destination?

Wedding venue

With a smaller guest list, you actually have a bit more choice when it comes to your wedding venue. There are a lot of venues these days that specifically cater to more intimate weddings, something you wouldn’t have access to with a large wedding party. And if you still dream of a big castle wedding or perusing a stately home on your special day, you still can. Most wedding venues that cater to large, lavish weddings will also accommodate small ones, too. Look out for intimate wedding packages or large venues with smaller room options. 

Photo by Jonathan Borba from Pexels

 Large Weddings

Everybody’s welcome

A large wedding means you can invite anyone you want to, from your parents and best friends to Sally who lives down the road. Without strict numbers, you don’t have the stress of figuring out who gets cut out of the celebrations. Larger celebrations are better for people with large families, especially if you are close with even your distant cousins!

Rooms will be full

The last thing anybody wants at their wedding is for rooms to feel empty and too quiet. Well, with a large wedding you won’t have to worry about that. Whatever the size of the space, you’ll have plenty of guests to fill it, whether they are busting moves on the dancefloor, mingling by the bar, or catching up around their tables.  

Creative transport

With so many guests arriving, you’ll want to make sure everyone can get there easily. Ensuring your venue has parking is important, but your guests will want to have a few drinks and really get the party started. And with so many guests, you can get creative with transport ideas. Why not get a wedding double decker bus to pick up your guests and get them to your wedding safely? Not only does that sort the transport problem, but it means all the guests can chat and get to know each other before they even arrive! 

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