Easy Gifts To Get For Style-Conscious Men

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Some men are easy to buy for. Others, on the other hand, can seem impossible. If the man you’re buying for is style-conscious, then that’s something you can focus on. Getting them a few fashion essentials could be more than enough.

You’ll have to make sure that the presents fit your man’s style. Once you know that, you shouldn’t have a problem picking up a few bits and pieces for them. These shouldn’t be limited to what they can wear, however.

There are a few other gifts for style-conscious men that could work for around their home. Picking these up alongside a few fashion accessories could be a perfect gift combination.

Top Gifts For A Style-Conscious Man


Everyone needs a few good pairs of shoes, and a popular choice for the coming season will be boots that can be paired with almost any outfit. However there are lots of other fashionable shoe styles to consider and you can’t go far wrong with a pair of trainers. 

If you are unsure which trainers to choose, Onitsuka Tiger Trainers have become increasingly popular over the past few years. These can perfectly complement a casual outfit. For a man that typically wears jeans, these could be the ideal option.

There are multiple other trainers or sneakers you can choose from. Since they come in a wealth of styles and colours, you shouldn’t have too much of an issue finding a pair.

Premium Wallet

Every man needs a high-quality wallet. It’s something they may neglect to upgrade when they need to, so why not go for a practical gift and buy him a premium wallet?

Not only will he use it every day, but it can be a stylish accessory. It’s worth going for something a little more expensive, such as a leather wallet. If you want to focus on safety, try picking up one with RFID blocking technology.

That will prevent people from being able to scan the cards in his wallet, which hopefully shouldn’t be an issue, but it never hurts to be safe.

Stylish Phone Case

One of the few things that a man will almost always have on them is their phone. If they have a habit of dropping it, then a phone case could be a nice gift. Just remember to double check it’ll fit their particular phone. There are multiple branded cases with specific designs and motifs, some even have television and movie characters on them. If your man is a fan of these, then the phone case could be a great small gift.

Grooming Set

When all else fails, a grooming set can be a perfect gift for style-conscious men. If your man has facial hair, then he might appreciate a beard care kit. These will typically include scissors, a razor, and some other shaving essentials. Oils and balms could be included in the more luxury options.

If your partner prefers the clean-shaven approach, then how about going with a grooming set that includes shampoos, conditioners, and skincare products? After all, men deserve a bit of self-care, too.

There’s a wealth of options to choose from. That should give you plenty of options to make sure that you get the right one as your gift.

Wool-Blend Slippers

With the winter months coming up, things are going to get a little cold. Getting a man something to help insulate them from the chilly temperatures is always a good idea. There’s the obvious options of jackets, scarves and coats, but why not focus on something they can wear at home?

Picking up some slippers can be the perfect option. Not only will this keep their feet warm on cold mornings, but they’ll also be comfortable. Pairing them with a new set of warm pajamas could prove to be a cosy winner for evenings and downtime spent relaxing at home.


If you’re not worried about a budget, then you might want to consider a bit of technology as a gift. What can you get a man if they already have the obvious things? A smartwatch might be a recommended option. These have become quite popular over the past few years.

That’s led to quite a few options being released onto the market. While the cost of these has come down somewhat, they can still be relatively expensive. They can offer quite a few benefits, however, such as being able to receive and show texts.

They can also monitor and track heart rates and much more. If your partner is health-conscious and into technology, this could be a practical and stylish gift for them.

Whiskey Glasses

Many men who like whiskey would no doubt appreciate a few drinking glasses to enjoy their Scotch at home. These typically come in a choice of designs and styles and can look good on display in a drinks cabinet or home bar. Look for a quirky design that will add an element of surprise and in addition to some stylish glassware, picking a relatively expensive whiskey to pair them with could be something to consider. If you’re not sure of his favourite tipple, you could get a set of miniatures to try, which can also be a more affordable option.


Getting your man a new fragrance could be an ideal gift for them. Alongside making them smell great, getting them an aftershave or something similar could make them feel extra groomed or confident when they go out wearing it. After all, who doesn’t like knowing that they smell great?

It could also be a small gift for yourself, as everyone likes it when their partner smells nice! Rather than going for a fragrance that you’re not 100% sure he will like, aim to get something similar to what he already wears and likes. Going with something a little different but along the same lines could ensure that he’ll like it and want to wear it.

Wrapping Up

Picking up the right gifts for style-conscious men can seem somewhat tricky. They’ll have their own style, which could be relatively difficult to buy for. Focusing on a few style essentials, though, and contrasting them with accessories or clothes they already have might be the right option. Or if style is not at the top of their priorities, perhaps knowing what some of their interests or passions are could be more than enough to figure out what you should get them.

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