South of Italy in Your Garden – What Plants to Grow?


La vita e bella! It certainly is when it’s summertime and you’re in the South of Italy! Age old olive trees swaying in the wind, the smell of bergamot in the air, the blue sea glistening in the sunlight, and a glass of limoncello on the table.

So how can you recreate that Mediterranean atmosphere in your garden? By growing Italian flowers, plants, and herbs, of course!


·        Summer Jasmine

As opposed to French gardens, Italian gardens don’t have a lot of flowers to decorate them. They are, in fact, a sea of green with only one or two blossoms peaking their heads here and there. Therefore summer jasmine will be a fantastic choice.

Plant this gorgeous bush right next to your summerhouse veranda where you can enjoy its amazing scent while you relax having some tiramisu!


·        Bay tree

Other than how beautiful it looks, you have two more reasons for planting a bay tree. You can use its leaves for cooking, of course. Plus it’s a super resistant plant that you don’t even have to water all summer long!


·        Myrtle

Who hasn’t heard of myrtle, especially if you’re in love with the whole Mediterranean vibe? This fragrant shrub produces beautiful leaves as well as white flowers that will make your Italian garden smell like heaven!

In fact, myrtle is well-known for being the source of a very sought-after essential oil. The scent is very fresh and clean and reminds one almost of Eucalyptus.


·        Rosemary

If you haven’t cooked with rosemary yet, then you don’t know the meaning of true Italian cuisine! But it has to be fresh, of course! Rosmarinus officinalis is a bush that will amaze you with how fast it can grow.

Another thing that will surprise you about rosemary is how pretty the flowers it produces are. That’s because, as a consumer, you never get to see rosemary flowers in the supermarket. But the shrub actually blooms into a wealth of small, purple flowers that look a little like violets. They will make your garden seem fit for a Roman god!

All you need now to complete the look of your Italian garden are a few clay urns and terracotta containers. You can even go a step further and add a small statue or two of Venus or Apollo to appease the gods and help your flowers grow better! Let us know what you think in the comment section below!

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