Statement Pieces for your Living Space

With the right statement pieces in your home, you can make your interior design pop and furnish your home with engaging conversation starter potential.

Abstract Artwork

If you’re going for a modern approach and you’re looking for ways to bring your understated white hallway walls out from the shadows, find a piece of abstract art and help your entrance give a striking first impression of your home.

Finding a piece with a predominant colour that matches the colour of a favourite rug or set of cushions can also be a great way to add visual interest to your living room.

Your chosen piece could even be from a different country and have an interesting backstory for you to talk about.

Pendant Lighting

Statement lighting can transform your communal living spaces, adding both illumination and decoration in one swoop.

There are some great options out there if you want the perfect piece of pendant lighting to complete your room. These adorn your ceiling almost like jewellery, creating an elegant finish and drawing the eye upwards.

These come in various colours and material options, so consider how your chosen light marries up with the theme of your room.

White-washed seagrass pendant lights with a statement colour stripe can make a dining room look warm and friendly, for example.

If your hallway has a high ceiling and plenty of space, this may be the perfect place for a lantern-style pendant light framed with antique brass, as it spreads a welcoming atmosphere across your entrance for your visitors.

For the living room, there are some charming pendant lamps with paper shades featuring marbled, zig-zag, and stitch-effect patterns. If you’re going for an elegance and a clean, luxury finish, go for a pendant with a sleek, glass shade.

Vibrant Furnishings

There are a lot of sofa styles out there to choose from, and some strong options include sofas with rounded wedge arms as well as sofas with high backs, low backs, and even the timeless camelback sofa.

There are also diverse colour and shade options to choose from, and your choice will have a considerable impact on the overall appearance of your living room.

If you want to use this to make a bold statement, why not choose a shade that contrasts with the wall behind your sofa? Green and red are opposites on the colour wheel, for example, so if your wall is dark green, why not go for a bold red sofa to create an effective aesthetic?

Statement Mirror

Statement mirrors can add an element of fun to your room, as well as creating the effect of making your space look larger.

Choose from on-trend Rattan bamboo frames, hand-painted portrait mirrors, oval mirrors with antique gold sunshine finishes, and more.

Positioned opposite your favourite piece of furniture or your striking pendant light, this can also be a strategic way to double its effect.

Hallways are typically the narrowest room of the house, so this can be one of the most key areas in need of a statement mirror.

Mirrors also complete the space above your living room mantlepiece perfectly.

Bold Colours

One of the easiest ways to ensure your statement piece doesn’t fade into the background is to use one or two core colours across your walls and ensure the other pieces in your room also utilise block colours, rather than patterns.

Reserve patterns for your core visuals and you will have created the perfect modern living space for work and play.

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