Entertaining summer kitchen

Summer accessories every kitchen needs

Entertaining summer kitchenWant to spruce up your kitchen this summer? Then read on to discover our top picks of the accessories your kitchen shouldn’t be without this summer season. So you’ll be ready to tread the boards and greet your guests, whatever the feast you are serving, from party food to a light lunch or a more formal affair.


Purchase a cast iron griddle if you don’t have one already, for healthy, tasty food this summer. You’ll have all the benefits of a barbecue, without the hassle or risk of burning so that you can enjoy the tastes of summer, quickly and easily. You can cook meat and vegetables without any fat. They’re also a great way to cook a healthy version of the full English breakfast; you can enjoy a meal cooked to perfection and not running in fat.  What’s more, it can all be cooked together, making preparing your favourite breakfast even easier. They’re easy to clean and maintain too. Why would you be without one?

Ice cream a go-go

summer kitchen accessoriesSummer simply isn’t summer without ice cream, install an ice cream freezer in your kitchen, and you’ll never want for your favourite dessert. From hosting a barbecue or a big family get together this summer; it will make catering for numerous people much easier. What’s more, once all of your guests have gone home, you’ll have the ice cream to yourself, and there’s nothing better than ice cream. From a classic strawberry combo to meringue or pancakes, there is no better partner for classic desserts than ice cream. So if you’re considering purchasing an ice cream freezer, look no further.

All bowled over

Invest in a ‘nest’ of mixing bowls; they’re practical and often beautiful too. You’ll be able to take your summer feasts straight from the kitchen to the dining table. Look around, and you’ll see a host of designs and materials to choose from including traditional ceramic designs to bright plastic choices and practical Pyrex. What’s more, they’ll make preparing your next family feast a great deal easier, and you’ll have less washing up to do too.

Salad served stylishly

Invest in some jaunty new salad servers to go with your set of bowls, and you’ll have a stylish combo from which to serve your summer meals.  Bamboo is a popular choice at the moment. Alternatively, you could go for a classic stainless steel design or a vivid acrylic set.

Ramekins at the ready?

They have to be one of the most useful and multi-purpose items you could have in your kitchen – a set of ramekins. From dips to starters or condiments; and your favourite puddings including crème brûlée and ice cream, ramekins are the kitchen accessory that keeps on giving.  Who’d want to be without them?

So there you have our top tips for accessories to choose for your kitchen this summer, from investment pieces to jaunty accessories to brighten up your table.

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