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How to Turn Your Bedroom into a Haven

Bedroom HavenWhen you enter your bedroom, what’s the first thought that pops into your head?

Is it… “Finally, now I can relax!”

Or… “If I send that email, and quickly call mum, I’ll still have time to…”

If it’s the latter, you’re not alone.  Due to technology and busy modern lifestyles, our so-called sleep sanctuaries have become multifunctional, round-the-clock work zones.

So, how do you transform your bedroom into the relaxing haven it’s meant to be?

Decorate indulgently

As soon as you step into your bedroom, you should feel relaxed and comfortable.

Focus on one or two key features that create an instant impact. A huge pile of pillows on the bed is an obvious choice. Or to turn the cosiness scale up another notch, you could add a wooly floor rug, or if you’ve got the space, go for all-out luxury with a plush lounge chair with a warmly lit reading lamp.

Create a nook

Cosy nook Bruno mattressBy definition, a nook is ‘a corner offering seclusion’ – precisely what your whole bedroom should be!

But when you’re in bed with your laptop because there are deadlines to meet, family to Skype and online shopping to be done, any feeling of peaceful seclusion can be quickly forgotten.

The solution is to create a dedicated nook and enforce a no-tech rule, meaning that whenever you’re in that spot, you’re in full-relaxation mode. Ideally, this should be your bed, but if that’s simply un-achievable, you could also plop a beanbag in the corner or arrange few fat cushions on the floor.

Complete your nook with a few of your favourite (analog) things – a pile of books or magazines you’ve been meaning to read, a snuggly blanket, and of course, somewhere to place your cup of tea!

Makeover your bed

Next, makeover your bed with sheer, unbounded comfort in mind.

Choose soft pillows, high-quality sheets and a deluxe duvet cover in a soothing colour such as blue, green or an earthy neutral tone. To really up the ante consider placing a padded headboard behind your bed.

If your ultra-comfy bedding is still missing an ultra-comfy mattress, take a look at the Bruno. Thanks to a combination of German engineering and carefully chosen materials, this mattress guarantees a great night’s sleep. Why? Because the high-density foam base is precisely cut into 7 zones, which reflect the curves in your body and provide the perfect balance of comfort and support. For added comfort, the top layer is made from natural latex, which is breathable and hypoallergenic to keep the mattress fresh and cool – ideal for the warmer summer nights we’re looking forward to!

For total peace of mind, Bruno also offers free delivery and a 101 night trial period, with the option to return the mattress and get a full refund if it’s not quite right for you.

Balance your lighting

You can create a cosy bedroom atmosphere by focusing getting the lighting balance just right.

A super easy and effective way to do this is by installing a dimmer switch, which you can flick into action as soon as you’re ready to relax and wind down. If you’re feeling more creative – and particularly if it suits your décor – consider framing your bed (or your new nook!) with fairy lights.

Add calming scents

Burning candles or incense is one way to create a relaxing ambience.

But for a longer-lasting calming effect, decorate your bedroom with fragrant flowers, such as jasmine and lavender. Not only do these flowers look beautiful, their scent is proven to ease anxiety and improve sleep – the perfect final touch to your bedroom comfort haven!

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