Summer-Proof Your Home with These Simple Tips

In order to protect yourself and your family from the elements this summer, there are certain upgrades you might want to make to your home. You’ll need to keep out the heat with proper insulation and energy-efficient tricks. Turn those unwanted visitors away as well, with insect screens and repellents. Here are some quick and easy upgrades you can make to your home this summer. Don’t worry they’re all in the interest of the environment, and your wallet.

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New Windows

Make the switch to double-glazing, if you haven’t already, for better insulation. Good quality windows will protect you from the heat and help to sound-proof your home. Summer is the perfect time to replace your windows because you hopefully won’t have to work in harsh weather conditions, and you can appreciate them more when they’re done.

Fly Screens

As well as new windows, keep bugs out with Fly screens. These are the ultimate summer addition to any house, especially for those of you who are popular with mosquitos. Flyscreens won’t stop light or heat from coming in, only the bugs. You’ll be able to keep your doors and windows open without worrying about an invasion. If you’re looking for an outdoor solution to nasty bugs then try some natural insect repellents. 

Air-Pros and Air-Cons

There are pros and cons to getting air-conditioning. If you work from home and your place simply gets too hot to bear, then it’s definitely worth considering. Here are some of the most affordable energy-efficient brands. If you would prefer to reduce your emissions then there are some more eco-friendly ways you can reduce heat.

Natural Shade

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Create natural shade indoors with interior design tricks of the trade. A tree or large plant can provide a lot of shade. This is an attractive option for the more eco-conscious. Plants and trees help with air pollution as well and are proven to bring a calming atmosphere to any room. 

There are several creative ways you can cool down a room. Some people use ventilator fans or a wall divider for shade, you could even think about reorganising the distribution of your house. Here are some more tips on how to keep your house cool during a heatwave.

Paint Your Roof

Painting your roof white is actually a genius way to reflect that extra heat. Even if it doesn’t seem like rocket science, this idea was first published by Nobel Prize winner Steven Chu. The white paint keeps your building cool without wasting energy.

Composite or asphalt shingle roofs can be painted no problem. Here is a simple guide to painting your roof. You can find different types of paints and other solutions, depending on the type of roof you have. Your roof could be overdue a bit of TLC.

These are just a few suggestions on how to cope with the high temperatures this year. Summer is a great time for home maintenance, so now’s the time to get started. Why not get the whole family involved?

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