Love Your House: 3 Ways to Create a Bigger Home


With decreasing property proportions, smaller window sizes, and less room for extensions, it has become vital that we make the most of the space in our homes and allow our rooms look as big as possible. Today’s post provides some tips to help you do just that, ensuring that you can enjoy your home in its entirety.


1.    Draw Attention to the Ceiling

By making your room look taller, you will be giving the illusion that you have more space in your room. By drawing the eye to your ceiling, visitors will focus on this area of the room rather than where there is furniture and potential clutter. By wallpapering your ceiling using a light pattern, you will make your room feel bigger without cluttering it. Make sure you do not use a strong pattern as this could have the opposite effect – a white background with small black flowers dotted sporadically would be a good option. For more wallpaper ideas, click here.

Alternatively, tall vases or ornaments around the room will also place the focus on the ceiling. By using tall and thin tables, vases and other ornaments around the room, you will be making the room look wider and taller. If you don’t fancy either of these ideas, fixing shelves just below the ceiling across the entire wall not only moves the eye towards the top of the room but removes the clutter from eye level.


2.    Keep the Room Light

When you decorate your home, make sure that you keep the theme light, particularly in small rooms. Curtains are no exception to this rule, as a light coloured fabric will make the windows look bigger and make sure that the room does not get too dark. The darker your room, the smaller it will look, which is why it is also important to paint the walls pastel colours and use light flooring. If you want to keep colour in the room, accessorise with ornaments and paintings, rather than capturing colour in the walls or floor. For some more paint ideas, have a look at this selection.

The best way to create style and light is by dotting around some table lamps on surfaces around your room, or use headlight styled ceiling lights to focus the light in the darker areas of the room. With a range of Lighting available from Kes Lighting, you can pick the style and function that will suit your room.


3.    Give the Illusion of Space

There are a couple of tricks out there that give the illusion of space. These ideas are brilliant if your room is on the smaller side but you don’t want to completely redecorate. By placing a rug in the middle of the floor, ensuring that there is space for the flooring to show around it, you will immediately create a bigger looking floor space. As always, a light colour will work best, however, you can choose a rug to suit your colour scheme or to add colour to the room. By using the same idea, pulling the furniture away from the walls actually makes a room look larger.

In addition to this, hanging a large mirror on one of the walls will also open up the space. By reflecting light and blocking the solid wall behind it, a mirror is a great way to add space to your room as well as being practical and stylish. Our favourite idea, however, is to avoid clutter in the room, or big storage units, and buy chairs and tables that also function as storage areas.

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