Supporting Your Child Gamer

While you may want a more traditional career for your child, there is no denying that e-sports is becoming increasingly prevalent. Even if your child’s love of gaming does not turn into a future career, a lot of experience and life skills can be gained from playing video games, as long as your child is only accessing content that is suitable for their age group.

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Something as simple as hand-eye coordination can be improved through the use of gaming, where quick thinking and actions can sometimes be necessary. 

Good Broadband

For online gaming, a good broadband connection is a must. Looking for a provider that gives reduced latency can also help to limit the amount of lag your child experiences. While you may already have broadband in your home, you might need to increase the speed or usage for them to be able to partake in their hobby. Increases to your package can result in higher fees, so it may be a good idea for you to check out the latest offers for broadband and see how much you can save, while still getting more for your money. 

You may also be able to put safety restrictions on your broadband, such as limiting the content that can be viewed while using the internet. This can be especially important when gaming on a PC, or even if a console has web browser capability.

Showing an Interest

As with any hobby your children have, it can mean a lot to them if you show an interest. While you may have no inclination to become a gamer yourself, even though a number of adults do enjoy partaking in this hobby, simply showing an interest can help you to connect better with your child. This can become increasingly important as they reach their teen years, where children typically pull away from their parents more. 

By having a go yourself, not only will you be having that quality time, but you will also be able to check the game for any risk elements, such as chat functions, which may pose a danger to your child’s safety through inappropriate content and cyber-bullying.

Learning Moderation

While you may want your child to enjoy their hobby, this can also be a good opportunity for them to learn about moderation. As with many things, addiction to video games is a possibility. That doesn’t mean that they cannot play, but simply that your child must learn to only play for set times, and then be able to go and do something else. If your child does become fixated on gaming, this may be an indication that you need to step in and limit their time.

Playing video games can be a good way for children to appropriately socialise, as well as to unwind from the stresses of education and life in general. By providing them with the means to play their games, and the tools to game safely, you may be able to reconnect with your child and find some enjoyment together. 

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