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Where’s best to place your bed in your bedroom?

Did you know that the position of your bed can bring perfect harmony into your life and your bedroom? By placing your bed in its proper place, you will begin to feel calmer, and have a better night’s sleep.

Beyond the Bedroom

One of the first places you need to think of may come as a surprise to you. You actually need to think outside the bedroom, and seriously consider the layout of your home. For a start, make sure you are not sleeping above your oven, as the energy omitting from the oven actually disturbs the energy you need close to your bed.

If you have a speaker system somewhere in your house, try and avoid placing your bed above it, because if you are trying to sleep and someone wants to blast their 80’s throwback playlist, it’s highly likely to disturb your pattern of sleep.

good night's sleep

Avoid the bedroom door

Naturally, you want to avoid the bedroom door. If your bed is partially blocking your door, you won’t be able to enter or leave your room with ease, which over time will become frustrating. It could also cause damage to your mattress and surface damage to your bed frame in the long run.

You also risk exposing yourself to excessive noise pollution that can come from sleeping near to a landing or corridor. This certainly won’t help your sleeping pattern and is another reason to keep your bed away from the door.

Maximise space

Do you have a small bedroom? If so, then make sure you pick the right bed and the right position for it to ensure you maximise the space you have.

Maybe standard double beds aren’t your answer. It could be worth taking a look at small double beds or wide single beds. You may also want to consider a bed with a divan frame, as they have storage available underneath and can open from the side, so you won’t need loads of space to be able to access your storage.

comfy mattress

It’s well worth taking some time to consider the placement of your bed; it sounds silly, but it can make the difference between a good and bad night’s sleep. There are other ways you can ensure a good night’s sleep – such as the mattress you choose, and the bed frame that you select. However, giving real thought to where you place your bed can be the deciding factor.

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