Taking Your House from Cluttered to Cosy

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Everybody loves a cosy atmosphere at home. Comfort, harmony, order, and warmth all add up to somewhere you feel safe, loved, and welcome. You wouldn’t think it would be hard to achieve, yet in a busy household it can be surprisingly challenging.

If you sometimes feel like your home is more hovel than haven, we’ve got some sparkling tips to help you turn it back round again.

Start by Decluttering

All the bits and bobs of life can mount up almost without you noticing until suddenly it becomes a problem and you’ve got nowhere to put anything. Having a thorough declutter through the entire house can feel overwhelming, so tackle it in stages to make it easier.

Go room by room, or even one shelf or cupboard at a time. Another strategy is to mentally divide possessions into categories such as books, toys, hobby stuff, clothes etc. Whichever feels most natural to you is the right way because there are no rules.

Decide what you want and use, what you no longer need at all and what you want to save just because you love it, or it has history. If you need to make room by getting things out of the house, consider a self storage room. Storage unit prices are reasonable, and it gives you somewhere to keep things safe but out of the way.

Organise Home Storage

Once you’ve decided which items to keep at home and which ones to keep elsewhere, the next step is deciding how to keep things tidy, accessible, and organised. Invest in storage boxes, baskets, or tubs to keep similar items together. Put up shelving and consider multifunctional furnishings such as ottoman or divan beds, occasional tables with drawers or shelves beneath, or decorative chests and footstools that offer both storage and extra seating.

Cosy Up the Nooks and Crannies

Creating little cosy zones around the house helps make the place feel super cosy. You could have a reading nook with a comfy armchair close to a bookcase, adding a few potted plants and table lamp. Everywhere you can, include soft cushions, throws, plush rugs, accent lighting to lift dark corners or fairy lights for a magical ambiance.

Use Texture and Colour

Layering different textures creates depth and interest to your décor and doesn’t have to be complicated. Think about a knitted texture against a smooth fabric with the cushions or throws you put on the sofa and chairs, or smooth shiny plant leaves next to wallpaper with a textured surface. If you can, choose natural materials such as wool, linen, stone or wood, wicker or rattan and jute. Don’t underestimate the power of a plant. They can bring structure and height as well as beauty and lovely scents into a room. Natural materials are warmer and more inviting than their plastic alternatives, creating a connection with the natural world that’s often lost in today’s mass-produced lifestyle.

Cosy colours tend be earthy tones, such as rusts and oranges, soft mossy greens or gentle blues. They’re all relaxing, calming colours, giving a sense of warmth and comfort. If you like more vibrant hues, bring them back as complimentary or contrasting accent colours in curtains, cushions, or your choice of artwork.

Include Your Family History

Photographs, special heirlooms or inherited pieces, children’s artwork, craft creations and souvenirs or mementos are important personal touches that create an emotional connection to a space. Being surrounded by cherished memories and reminders makes a home feel extra cosy, giving everyone a special feeling of belonging.

Take Care of Security

Having organised and sorted everything you own, you’ll get an extra burst of cosiness when you know it’s all safely under lock and key. Check your window locks and keep keys away from doorways. Fit external motion sensor lights, and make sure you’ve got strong locks on sheds and other outbuildings to deter opportunists.

If you rented a self storage room for your overflow possessions, you’ll probably have been advised to get the right padlock for your storage room , so you could consider getting a couple extra to bring home to help fortify your personal castle.

Transforming a house into a cosy, welcoming haven of security and peace takes some time, but your instincts will guide you if you let them. If you love something, it makes you feel good and lifts your spirits, it’s right.

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