4 Quick And Easy Ways To Declutter Your Bedroom

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Your bedroom is a sanctuary for comfort, peace, and rest. However, that can be relatively difficult if you have items cluttered everywhere. If you are dealing with clutter, do not despair, you are not alone. Statistics show that over 56% of UK, adults are dealing with large clutter monsters. Lack of time and feeling overwhelmed are major causes of bedroom clutter. No matter the cause of your bedroom clutter, there are quick and easy but effective ways to declutter your bedroom. Below are a few. 

  • Invest in furniture with storage solutions

Where will you put it when you don’t have a place to store something? This is usually the case with decluttering. Your wardrobe, closets, and drawers may be overflowing with items- which could also add to your bedroom’s cluttered look. An effective solution is investing in smart storage solutions, such as furniture with storage solutions. Not only do these solutions help you reduce the clutter, but furniture with storage solutions also makes your room more spacious and adds an element of functional design to the overall style. 

  • Declutter regularly

Clutter grows with time, and the larger the cutter, the more changing and overwhelming cleaning would be. An effective way to avoid this problem is by decluttering regularly. Take 30 minutes within the day to address the clutter building up in your room. Consider placing your dirty laundry pile into the hamper during decluttering sweeps. Check your nightstands to remove items that must be trashed or stored elsewhere. You should also return misplaced items to their proper places. The more you declutter, the less time it takes; therefore, consider implementing this habit of decluttering regularly. 

You should also ensure that the room looks clean after your decluttering exercise. It would be best to consider sweeping and mopping your floors and changing your bedspread and linen. If possible, you should consider changing your headboard if it’s worn out and not aesthetically pleasing. You can visit a reliable bed shop such as Bamfo to find the perfect one for your bedroom. 

  • Reduce your decorative pieces

From vases to throw pillows, several decorative pieces are scattered across the room. Although this may give your room a unique style and ambience, too many of these pieces can make your room appear cluttered. To avoid this, consider keeping your display items to a minimum. For example, you can use one vase, instead of two, as a statement decorative piece. Limiting your display pieces to only a few aesthetically appealing or thoughtful pieces is advisable.

  • Declutter your closet

The sight of an overflowing closet or chest of drawers can be quite an eyesore. Additionally, it makes getting ready a messy nightmare as you have to look through several clothes before you make a decision, which usually leaves behind a mess. To avoid this, you should make time to declutter your closet often. When decluttering your closet, take your time to separate the clothes you wear from the ones you don’t- these can be donated. The next issue is to separate your seasonal wear to add order to your closet. 

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