Ted Baker Tiles from British Ceramic Tile

Ted Baker Tiles – Our Choice for the Perfect Shower Room

Ted Baker Tiles from British Ceramic Tile We are embarking on an exciting new project soon which is the renovation of our bathroom.  I’ll be blogging about the whole process from start to finish, which begins in early April.  But first of all, I wanted to talk about tiles.

Choosing tiles for a new bathroom is a big decision when you think you are going to be living with them every day for the next however many years.  You want to choose a style and colour that won’t date too quickly, so I can understand why people might play it safe and stick with plain white or natural tiles.  But having had white tiles in our bathroom for many years, we are ready for a change!  It’s not easy to choose though with so many gorgeous and varied tile designs on the market!

Luckily I spotted the above ceramic tiles from the Ted Baker collection at British Designer Tiles (part of British Ceramic Tile) which made the decision easier.  I immediately fell for them – the soft grey colour and lovely 3D texture of the Grey TacTile really grabbed me.  Fortunately the rest of the family agreed!  I wondered if they could work in our small bathroom?

It was only on receiving some samples that I realised the tiles were quite a bit larger than I had anticipated (they measure 298mm x 498mm).  I love the look of oversized tiles, but had concerns that they might seem out of scale in our compact space.  Seeking advice from my design savvy blogger friends, they reassured me that far from making a small bathroom feel even more poky, large tiles can help to make it feel bigger.  Good to know!

They also advised that it’s always best to go with something you love and not be swayed too much by fashion – chances are if you love it now, you still will in years to come.British Ceramic Tile grey designer tiles

The tiles are quite matt and chalky to the touch, rather than glossy, which is an aspect I really like.  My overall vision for our bathroom – which is in actual fact going to become a shower room – is to create a minimal, slightly masculine look with clean lines in shades of grey; after all it is the new neutral.  So these tiles definitely fit the bill, as well as giving that fantastic textural pattern.

If I hadn’t made up my mind that I wanted a change from white, I could have been very tempted by the White TacTile – how great does it look against that retro wooden sideboard/sink combo?
Ted Baker Tile Collection

Again with help and advice (thank you Karen Knox at Making Spaces) we are going to have the 3D grey TacTile on three walls, whilst the floor and remaining wall will be tiled with the contrastingly smooth, but complimentary mid-grey VersaTile:

Ted Baker tiles at BCT

Our pallet of tiles arrived yesterday morning and I can’t wait to see them up on the walls!  Why not keep an eye out for updates on the blog and our social channels if you’d like to see how they look in their new home.

Thanks to British Ceramic Tile for supplying the Ted Baker tiles for our project

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