The First Things to Do After Buying a Fixer Upper

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After buying a fixer upper, you probably have a mammoth task on your hands to make it livable. More than simply decorating, here are some things you need to do before you can move in.

Make the Place a Little Safer

Fixer uppers are called that for a reason. That is, they need a lot of work. Yes, you might get a good deal. But the money you saved must now go towards making the place habitable. And that includes safety first. Electrical rewiring, checking the plumbing and evening out the flooring are good places to start. And while these need a professional touch, even floor sanding for wood, they will go a long way to making your new home safe for working on and living in. 

Fix the Temperature Control

No matter what time of year it is, whether it’s a cold winter or a hot summer, you need to check out the cooling and heating equipment in your new home. Most houses that need work have old heating and cooling systems. Unless you need major pipe work or HVAC installation, your system may only need a little TLC to stay alive. So, at least for now, you can put off the huge costs of installing temperature control. But take care of this right away if it’s getting colder.

Book an Inspector After Buying a Fixer Upper

Underdeveloped homes account for around 7% of property sales. So if you are thinking about buying a house or refurbishing a home, you should have an expert building inspector check it out. And scheduling more than one inspection is a good way to guarantee that nothing gets missed. This way, you have a better idea of how much it will cost to fix or update the house. If any major problems are found, you could possibly get the seller to lower the price.

Check What Can be Safely Removed

With modern design, we often take down walls or change the layout of the space to make it fit our needs or way of life. This is a great way to bring an old house up to date and make better use of the space. But before you do this, it’s best to talk to an expert first. For example, taking out load-bearing walls can hurt the way your house is built. There could also be pipes and wires inside the walls. So hire a professional to make sure they are safe to take down beforehand.

Make Plaster Repairs Before Painting

Many older homes that need to be fixed up have been left alone for a while. And most of the time, they need a lot of work done on the walls and ceilings to make them smooth. This kind of work is best done before moving in because it can be dangerous. For instance, it’s much easier to get rid of bits of textured ceiling when you don’t have to worry about getting dust all over the furniture. You can take it off yourself, but you should hire a pro to replace the plaster.


There is usually a lot to do after buying a fixer upper. You can begin by addressing safety issues. Then get an inspector to check the place out, and repair plaster work before painting.

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