How to create the right atmosphere in each room by scent

It’s one thing to create a cohesive atmosphere where you live, using various colours, furnishings and lighting levels. But have you considered other ways to lend a distinct vibe to each and every corner of your home? One area that is often overlooked is scent.

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Home fragrances ought to be key elements in any proud homeowners toolkit when it comes to creating a distinct tone and ambience. From bespoke scented candles to beautifully flexible Neom Organics diffusers, there are plenty of options available; but what scents are best suited to which rooms?

Living Room – Lavender is a classic relaxing scent that never fails to set a mood of elegance and bliss, but it’s maybe not for everyone. For a more generic, but no less relaxing scent that will create a sense of real refreshment, look to the more classic scents of vanilla and caramel. Sweet scents might seem overwhelming in smaller rooms, but in larger living rooms they can really work wonders.

The Hallway – This is where you’re going to be making the first impression, so you’ll want something a little less bold and more welcoming. Something woody and earthy will always go down well, though be careful not to place your candles or oil diffusers too close to the living room or kitchen or you might get an unwanted combination of scents.

Kitchen/Dining Room – As these rooms are going to be filled with the sights and smells of breakfast, lunch and dinner, you can get away with something a little less on-the-nose (pardon the pun) here. That’s why you might want to avoid using candles and diffusers here. Instead, opt for light rooms sprays after cooking to ensure food smells linger only as long as they need to.

The Bedroom – Even more so than the living room, the bedroom is the place you really want to create an atmosphere of relaxation. Floral scents are very much the classic choice here, as they are delicate enough to keep you calm but not too subtle so you can actually appreciate them. Note, however, that you never want to go too strong in a bedroom, as headier scents might make it more difficult for you to shut off after a busy day.

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The Bathroom – For obvious reasons, the bathroom is the one room in the home where you are free to go a little overboard with your scents. Fruity scents with a decent amount of citrus are always popular and you can keep a few bottles of spray on standby when the diffuser just isn’t strong enough.

The Office – For those of us who work from home, the office is a hub of productivity and certainly somewhere we spend a lot of time being focused. The scents should reflect the nature of the room – whether more of a study or a workspace. Keep the diffuser stocked with spicy and warm scents like cardamom to keep yourself awake during the day.

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