Tips And Tricks On How To Make Your Wardrobe More Interesting And Personal

A telltale sign that your wardrobe is not showcasing your own personal style is if people are asking you if you got your pieces at certain stores rather than asking what stores you got your pieces from.

The difference? If people can tell where you’re shopping, your wardrobe might not be as unique as you think it is. If you want to be sure people are looking at your outfits and coining them as personal to you, here are a few tips and tricks to make your wardrobe more interesting and personal.

Develop Your Personal Style

First, it’s important to develop your own personal style. When you look at your pieces, you want them to give off your vibes rather than a certain brand or store’s vibes. 

To make your wardrobe as personal as possible, each piece within it should be a reflection of your personality and essence. A great way to develop your personal style is by listing adjectives that describe the style you want to have – or your personality.

Then, test each piece of clothing you own (or plan to purchase) against that list. If a piece doesn’t match the list, it doesn’t belong in your wardrobe.

Another way to do this is to choose a signature color. After figuring out what colors look best on you, wear the color you feel good in.

Tailor Pieces To You

Tailoring your pieces can completely transform a wardrobe to suit you quite literally. Pieces that may look different on other pieces can be custom fit to your body.

A good tailor can also personalize your clothes by adding unique additions such as new buttons, fun fabrics, and more. Rather than having a piece others might have, it can become 100% your own just by tailoring it.

Customize Your Basics

Basics are an important part of your wardrobe. A plain white t-shirt and pair of good-fitting denim jeans can be the base of any successful outfit.

But do all of our basics need to look the same? One way to make your basics more personal and interesting is to customize them. The possibilities are endless, so let yourself be creative and have fun with them.

For example, when the winter months hit, and everyone is wearing the same sweatshirts and hoodies, try utilizing Printful hoodies instead. Printful allows you to fully customize hoodies and t-shirts for pieces that are uniquely yours.

What better way you add a personal touch to your clothing than by making it yourself? This way, when someone asks where you got your hoodie, you can let them know you designed it. 


Don’t be afraid to accessorize. Accessories are an underrated way to display your personality in your outfits. 

Whether adding in a chunky necklace or drop earrings or even incorporating a pop culture-themed handbag, your accessories can add a lot of personality to your looks.

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